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Sound Magic

Music and magic have been used hand in hand together for who knows how long in every culture. We've all heard stories about magical lullabies, or those enchanting songs sung by sirens in the sea. Theres rhythmic drumming that puts you in a trance, and bards that sing your stories... I could go on forever. I've used music for contact, for manifestations, for charms and blessings, protection, remembering past lives, and healing. So many things you could do its endless.

Music is our first language. You don't have to teach a baby to dance, its just natural. This is my way of communicating with the spirit world and has been for many MANY lives. If you are like me and love using music to connect with spirits or do magic, please share some of your methods! What do you use music for? How did it help you?

If this is something you haven't explored so much yet but are interested in, I can share a few things I like to do so you guys could try some things out 🙂

*Music for contact- To use music to contact your guides, ETs, or any kind of spirit, what I like to do is get comfortable. Like in your room or in a forest or somewhere you can relax and meditate. Ill put on headphones and play with the volume very low, almost inaudible, some binaural beats. ( for this I like to use higher pitch tones, or solfeggio frequencies. Ill post some links) And over top of that I'll put on some music that reminds me of whatever it is I am trying to connect with. So for an example, when I want to connect with my higher self or the Elves (I use the same music for them) Ill listen to Blackmill or Lindsey Sterling. So you have the beats playing softly, you have an album on that helps you feel the energy you want to connect to, you have a quiet place to relax, now you close your eyes, and breathe deep. Let your thoughts come and let them go. Focus on the sounds and how they make you feel. Allow the music to enter your heart. Feel your heart light up and dance. What colors are you seeing behind closed eyes? What are you feeling? What images are coming to mind? What random memories are appearing? Let yourself journey into your imagination with a soundtrack and write it all down when you come out of it. Like anything, you'll improve with practice. It'll be subtle at first, but as you get more comfortable and open, more and more downloads and ideas and beings will start flowing to you and it'll become clearer.

Heres my favorites so you have somewhere to start:

Binaural beats:

Blackmill Album:


*Music for manifestation- This is a fun one. When I want to manifest something I make a song about it. It doesn't have to be a great song its just for you. A good example, if you want love or a relationship, imagine what type of love you want. How do you want to feel? Safe, loved, empowered, connection, authenticity, all the things you want. Imagine that there is person waiting for you that matches all these things. Now grab a pencil and paper, or musical instrument if you have one and play around. Write a love song to them. Write about how good they make you feel even though they're not there yet. Sing it, hum it, play it on piano or guitar, it doesn't matter its your song. Make it into whatever you want. Sing about how you want your life to be as if its already here. Make a song about your dreams coming true. And whenever you want to remember that feeling sing your song. Have fun with it! And watch how fast things happen afterward. 🙂

*Music to charm or bless- If you want to charm an object or bless someone or something, theres 2 ways I like to do it. 1: find a song or 2 that reminds you of angelic energy or very loving energy. Play it and meditate to it and focus on the love you feel. Feel it in your chest, feel your heart get warm and everything around you come alive. Feel appreciation for this beautiful world. Feel the angels singing to you. Then focus on what your charming or blessing. If its a person, feel as though you're sending them the song. Imagine the song is alive and is wrapping itself around them and lifting them up. If its an object like a crystal or something then imagine your storing the song into it. Like the spirits are singing to you and you're directing the music into the object. The song will joyfully dance into the object and it'll hold that energy. The 2nd way I do this is pretty much the same but instead of playing a song I meditate and focus on the natural sounds around me until I hear a ringing sound. I focus on the ringing until the ringing turns into music. I focus on the music I'm hearing until it gets louder, then I hold that and do the same thing I mentioned before. Heres a couple songs I like to do this to:

Secret Garden- Prayer:

Anilah- Medicine Chant:

Let me know what you know and have experienced with Sound Magic 😀

One word: Wingmakers. 😀

Yes! I remember you mentioning them before. I read a bit about them and listened to a lot of the music. I really like it, its the perfect kind of music to listen to for magic and meditation too. 😀