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Alien Music?

Hey guys! So I am a music lover and I can't help but wonder: How do different alien races experience music?

Do they have music similar to ours? I mean I'm sure we have lots of alien music already channelled here now as I have heard many artist go into altered states to write their music. But like do they have concerts and play different instruments and stuff? What on earth would some of this stuff even sound like?? Do they dance along?

As we typically experience music with our sense of sound, what senses do other races associate with music? Sense of touch or sight maybe even smell? lol. I wonder what purposes they use it for. Medicine? Magic? Maybe even architecture and construction as science proves how sound manipulates matter.

This is a very broad topic but I would love to learn about music across the cosmos. What are your guys' thoughts/ideas/experiences/knowledge about this topic? Any artists out there with this type of influence I could explore?

Youtube videos related to this topic:

Jerobeam Fenderson - oscilloscope music ( which are graphics drawn from sound)

Nigel Stanford - Cymatics ( he has a music video using music to effect different types of matter super cool!)

NASA Sounds of Space- ( different sounds the planets and sun give off but transposed to an audible frequency )

This is a very interesting topic.

My sense is that music and vibrations are a very powerful force in the universe (multiverse ?).  I have been a music lover for close to six decades and have played in numerous bands in my younger years.  In the past I could listen to just about any style of music. Some styles or songs I didn't care for but I could listen.

In the past few decades, however, there are a some styles of music that I can't listen to--I cringe and even sometimes feel a deep anxiety or a very non-pleasant energy associated with it.  The most extreme is the music that has that low end vibration--you know what I mean--the trunk lid on the car is woofing like an elephant with a sinus infection.  There is something about it that feels like my lower chakras are going to jump out of my body.

Anyway, I digress.  My suspicion is that whatever music other beings listen to is a reflection of their own development.  The style they listen to is probably as diverse as the diversity of different entities in the cosmos.  Whatever the style, I would imagine that it is in tune with their own energies.

From what I understand, the Arcturians are very much into sound and vibrations.  Tom Kenyon has been channeling Arcturians for decades and has a lot of material on his website--some of it for free, some for pay.  His channeling is of a much different style than we are used to hearing.  It isn't words, it is tones, sounds, songs.  From what I understand, the Arcturians are making music and bringing it into our dimension through Kenyon.  Some of it I find quite amazing.  My favorite at this point is one of his compositions called "Lightship".

My point is this: the music of Tom Kenyon might serve as a launch point for your own explorations into "Alien Music".  I think some of the questions to ask are how does it feel?  What does it do to the chakras?  How does it fit in with the greater goal of spiritual evolution?

I think there are a lot of possibilities in the field of music and vibration that are yet to be explored.

Please take all of this rambling with a grain of salt.  It is simply my opinions and personal observations.  🙂




Agreed to your thoughts. Music is Energy, a vibration. It either matches yours or it doesn't. I feel listening to certain types of music can uplift and raise your Energy while others do the opposite. (probably why we cringe at their sound). You'll know what's good for you. 🙂

I have always enjoyed Tom Kenyon's music/sounds...

I was watching an Alex Collier video where he talked about what the Andromedans and other ET races thought about music created by humans.    Apparently the way that many of them create music is through blending the different vibrations and resonances of planets, suns and other objects and places in the universe.  He said that they were fascinated with our ability to come up with songs practically out of nowhere in contrast to their method and that Earth music has reached some very far off places and they are quite amazed by our creations.  I know a lot of the common thinking from all of us being down here is that a Mozart or Jimi Hendrix had to be an alien because they came up with such cool s**t but ever since I saw that video I started question that line of thinking.  What if its the other way around?  What if we are the ones that everyone else on these other planets are talking about due to our being down in 3rd density on one of the hardest planets?  Maybe all that difficulty has forged something creatively that is rarely heard in other realms?


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