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Hello from Oklahoma

I am new here and will be posting as many experiences in story form as possible.  I have a lot things to tell, I just got a reading from Gigi and this is inspiring me put all my experiences down for others to read who will appreciate and understand the content.  I've suddenly had a major spiritual reawakening and had some amazing OBE's that I would love to get insightful feedback on.  Already got one pending so we'll see what happens...

Welcome!! I can't wait to hear of your experiences! If you don't mind me asking, what was the reasoning behind your sudden spiritual awakening?

A few months ago I got really fed up with feeling like I was surrounding myself with constant white noise from radio, tv etc relating to political intrigues and conspiracy stuff.   As much as I love that side of things, I decided I needed to turn that stuff off for awhile and quiet my mind.  I want to know what I have to say inside without anything else running interference on me.  Some of it I think I was doing to numb myself from a relationship that went bad so I didn't have to think much about it if I was constantly distracted.  I also knew that I had some psychic ability inside me since I was a teenager that I was ignoring.  I have had some brief and sporadic out of body experiences but I wanted actually focus and get better at it, have more control and be able to explore.  All my experiences have been during sleep and I want to able get to where I can actually go out of body while in meditation.  I have been listening to a lot tibetan singing bowl music on youtube and that has really had an affect as well.  Man, I am trying to give the condensed form of whats been going on but you can't be glib about something like this....there's more but I need to organize it in my mind a little better perhaps.

Well, I'm glad your finding your way! I have had some weird experiences, but I realized that my life needed to change, I needed to change. I am an empath and I needed to find away to control everything or every feeling I should say. It's like emotion overload. I always felt sad and angry, and it was like one second I'm happy the next I'm angry and I just couldn't understand why I was going through this. I just started meditating and trying to align my chakras and I even bought some crystals and a selenite wand so I could heal myself or try to from all of the blockages I have due to so many years of being in a horrible relationship full of mental and physical abuse and also from the drugs that I used to try to drown out those harsh feelings. I'm so incredibly happy to say I've been clean for two years now and I'm really just trying my best to heal my soul and clear these blockages within me and get this energy flowing properly. So this is a new journey for me as well. I wish you the best of luck with everything. We got this!

That's awesome, glad to hear your in a better place now and in a spiritual place at that too.  My best friend since childhood got into a bad scene of people and had addiction issues with pills for years.  He cut off all communication to me and I nearly felt hopeless about the situation for quite awhile.  Miraculously though, he pulled himself out of all that eventually and is ok now.  I have never been in that place of addiction myself, but I'm always glad to hear when someone has overcome those issues as I know there's was no better feeling than to have my friend back after years of silence between us.


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