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Earth - the living library

Hi everyone!

Just yesterday, I discovered Barbara Marciniak's "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library" and it's awesome! They give a very interesting perspective on human life, the human body and how it works, the wisdom that is coded in every single living thing on our beautiful planet Earth.


Those books were pretty thrilling for me, as I listened to a reading of them pretty early on in my "process" of increasing awareness. One idea in particular got my attention -- when it was mentioned that one of main reasons for the group of incarnated individuals she (Barbara Marciniak) was referring to was here, was to learn about the nature of authority. This was notable to me because I had previously latched onto the idea of "authority" as being highly significant, after it was mentioned in a university class more or less in passing. At the time I was kind of directionless, doing the university thing but without a plan as such. When "authority" was mentioned it was like a bell went off in my mind; the first return "ping" on my intuitive sonar scope. Perhaps this brief anecdote will enhance your appreciation of Barbara Marciniak's work, as the experience itself did for me.


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