I Asked “Am I Crazy”

I woke up about 1am. This has been happening for the last three nights. Wide awake. Like It’s time to get up and acknowledge a new day. In the past this has led me to checking on children, unintentionally waking my husband, who is wondering what time it is and counting the moments until 3:30am (the designated alarm time). Hello I say…. by this time I know there is something trying to get my attention. No response. Sorry I try to fall back asleep to no avail.

The next night there were voices…. like a meeting of old friends. Laughter and connection, I heard friends standing together as one. Knowing what is to come and the parts they will play. Enjoying the connection. The fact that they have been invited to participate.

I sat up and someone said “She Hears Us!”. I try to maintain the connection…. but it is gone. I feel their laughter. The connection isn’t lost… it’s always been there I am just starting to listen.

Honestly this experience made me acknowledge parts of me I have kept hidden. I decided to tell my sister and my husband about the experiences I have had since childhood. I asked ” Am I crazy?” Do I need help. The response was tremendous. I don’t have to hide my Encounters. I need to explore them. To grow. Why are we afraid of who we are and who we meet?

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This reminds me of a dream I had back in August after I first started exploring my “cosmic” side. I was led into a meeting hall. To my immediate left was an announcer on a podium declaring “us” a winner. Everyone erupted into cheers and applause. I felt tremendously loved and celebrated. They were all waiting to meet me. I believe there is deep truth to the saying that what we fear the most is our greatness; the beauty, gravity and power of who we are. Our initial definitions of humanity are so diluted and distorted that when we start… Read more »

I know what you’re talking about, kinda. And now you have somehow reaffirmed my own similar connection. Thhhhhank you