No Talk Rule…?

At various high transition times in my last 5 years of growth, I have encountered a few VERY defined female beings in meditation/dream that I feel were guides or versions of self. Very different beings, but quite familiar with me. I saw each of them a couple times.

Interesting to me was the fact that they do not speak to me. There are showings, pointed out items, one even hands me folded up notes in my hand… but no words. Except one name once. In one setting, I even defended a sweet Victorian gal (the one who hands me notes of encouragement), to a council (seemed like) by saying “No she has not spoken to me.” Like she was restricted from doing so, and I was uber protective of her.

I’ve always been curious about this. Why no words?? I get that we need to have the lessons ourselves, to learn on our own, but this has always intrigued me & I wonder if other’s guides come through in this manner, or if it is just in my personal best learning interest that it is like this…?

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When one sense is taken away (hearing), the other senses get stronger:) Perhaps these guides are here to help round out your psychic gift set. I too have a guide who is “mute”. His speciality is early childhood memory and emotional recall. A picture is worth a thousand words and art has a way of bypassing the mind and going straight to the heart. Most of my dreams are images, symbols, emotions, etc that I have to chew on and decode over time. Some of my dream journals are 14 years old. Researching the symbols and images has taught me… Read more »

Maybe they are trying to communicate with you in another way? Pushing you towards a new path of connection? Just my first thought 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

Great pic – lol – that is priceless!
art and straight to the heart are my reasons for making art – as for communion with other aspects of me – words are the slowest by far, hence not very advanced for actual multi-level communications, also when an aspect of myself is already vibrating at a lot faster rate than physical me.