Spirit Chatter~Using WHITE NOISE (Static) To HEAR SPIRITS

~Wow I had an unusual cool experience. I was walking home from the store and was listening to white noise (static) on my head-phones (the static sounds like rain to me and centers me/raises my energetic vibration) and (this has never happened before); I started to hear subtle “chatter” like I was hearing tons of people, guys and women talking in the background all over the place. I literally wanted to take my head-phones off and see where all the noise was coming from (this was in the dead of night and nobody was around). The chattering sounded loud but distant and I’m pretty sure I was hearing the spirit chatter of all the spirits in that general location and I literally stopped walking and asked out loud “hello?” and then all the noise stopped/faded.
Before I started hearing the spirit chatter I was raising my vibration and was focused on feelings of appreciation, deep breathing and holding techniques to release tension and wasn’t even focused on listening to anything in particular.
The reason why I started listening to white noise in the first place was because a medium/psychic told me that that would help me to hear my spirit guides better and I’m pleased to say that it actually works.
Now for the science behind it all:
1. White noise distracts the mind and so that you can hear spirits or receive clearer telepathic messages from them.
2. Not only that but your spirit guides can use the jumble of sounds and frequencies from the white noise to create audible words and messages, much like a ghost box works.
What I believe happened was my guides allowed me to tune into the ‘spirit chatter’ going around, and the fact that I was listening to the white noise helped my mind to be in a receptive place to easily tune into the frequency of the general spirit chattering. I’m thinking the purpose was so that I would get used to it and not be freaked out when it happens again. This is really one of the more noticeable times when I have physically heard spirits. Other times I’ve physically heard spirits has been when drifting off to sleep. I think I stopped hearing the spirits because my vibration/frequency changed, or my guides didn’t want me attracting to much attention/ bringing home a whole party of spirits lol.

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