The ARCTURIANS~”Love Is The Universal Binding Force of The Universes”

~Today I will be writing about my experiences channeling the Arcturian et collective. So over the past week I’ve been asking the Arcturians to fill me with the blue-print of their energetic frequencies so that I can feel how they are, what they do, and their relationship with humanity. Many times I prefer to channel et groups or spirit guides while I’m out walking. For some reason that’s when I connect really well with extra-dimensional beings because unlike when I’m at home channeling and meditating I am not “rushing” the process, or trying multiple ways to divine answers. When I’m out walking I feel relaxed and I just open up and allow the information to flow freely and easily. Where as sometimes at home I will try to force through information and then confirm it multiple times through the heart (basically at home it can be a longer process).

~As a side note my spirit guides are teaching me a NEW method of channeling them and their messages and the process is called ‘auto reflex channeling.’ This is how they conveyed to me what auto-reflex channeling is:

1. Throughout the whole day you are focusing on raising your energetic vibration extremely high, as high as you can get it.

2. Get into a space of trust and allowance (trust yourself and trust spirit).

3. Talk with spirit and bring the information straight through you as you receive it. (Kind of like you stop all your filters and just bring the information through).

~By the way when I say “raising your vibration” I mean aligning and attuning your thoughts and emotions towards things that resonate with your highest personal happiness, joy, fun, positivity, gratitude and love. By raising your energetic vibration you will begin to attract amazing high vib experiences, people, and circumstances into your life and connect with higher realms of existence.

~Raise your thoughts and emotions and you raise the quality of your life and what you attract (i.e. Law Of Attraction). That doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to be happy and positive all the time. It just means make an effort to understand how your thoughts and emotions manifest your reality and perceptions so basically looking for the ‘silver lining’ and the universal or personal lessons to be learned from your experience or your situation and paying attention and awareness to how you are feeling throughout the day and nurturing yourself with positive self-affirming thoughts.

~I probably will write a post on this soon about how to raise your energetic vibration and also how to inner heal and understand how to nurture and interpret your mental and emotional body when you’re having lower vibrational thoughts and emotions.

~Back to Auto Reflex Channeling; as I was saying before I used to channel using a lot of filters and I was more of a sprit “translator” then a channel or medium. But now they are telling me to trust more and let the information come through faster; thats why it’s called ‘automatic reflex’ channeling; because I’ll automatically say what they are conveying without ‘filtering’ the information through my mind or brain.

~Anyways about the Arcturians; to me the Arcturians feel like a collective et group that exists in a very high dimensions 7, 8, 9 and they appear to me as blue water sea creature humanoids; like blue fish humanoids, blue whale humanoids. (I was telling this to a star-seed co-worker and she mentioned that from personal experiences she understood that the Arcturians come from star-systems that are VERY far away from earth and that they were HUGE beings.

~I also noticed that Arcturians were into agriculture and weren’t really into technology since through their advanced spirituality they can create worm-holes, redirect cosmic energy, and travel using their own energetic bodies without spaceships, so I noticed that they were big into agriculture and their connection to their planet(s).

~When I asked them what their interaction with humanity was they said that they are spiritual cosmic teachers and spiritual cosmic healers. They focus a lot on the spiritual body and know how to help align the spirit to the healing cosmic energetic flows of the universe to exponentiate spiritual healing which in turn heals the body, mind, soul and emotions. They focus a lot on ‘correct alignment’ and attuning to the healing energetic flow of the cosmos.

~They are spiritual teachers to many, many et races and the themes of their messages include “Universal Oneness”, “Aligning To Love”~and “Love Being The Universal Binding Force of The Universes.”

~When I asked which energetic chakra they align most with I was shown they align most with the crown chakra. The crown chakra being the energetic vortex point above our heads that symbolize our divinity and personal portal to the cosmos and higher spirituality.

~I then asked what element do they resonate most with and they said water because of it’s healing properties and the way it flows. They also said they connect strongly with the color blue because blue also represents calming, soothing, healing properties, but also blue was a color of high spirituality and inner development. The Arcturians as a whole resonate with more of the divine feminine energy as female energy is more closely aligned with purposes such as teaching, birth and creation.

~They also said there is no ceiling and it’s not about who is more spiritual then another, and they consider us all equals to themselves and said it’s not about trying to be more spiritual because spirituality flows in everyone. The law of universal oneness that they teach emphasizes that we are all equal and important regardless of what dimension we come from or what level of spirituality we have obtained.

~I also asked them if they had a message for humanity and they said “Love yourselves and your connection with others is important, love them as yourself.” They also said, “We are here to help you reawaken your spiritual self.”

~People that are Arcturian star-seeds generally come to earth to help humanity move forward spiritually and encourage spiritual freedom that is progressive and catered to the individual’s needs and growth. They also mentioned that; “Spiritual growth when not catered to the individual’s needs becomes a religion and true spirituality is always to be had within a person’s heart.” And people who have Arcturian guides are usually learning from them lessons such as awaken your true spirituality, and healing their spiritual body. Also many Arcturian star-seed incarnates come in with strong teacher/healer roles.

~Anyways I just want to mention that this is what I perceive when I tap into their collective consciousness and that I realize that others may have similar or different perceptions/experiences of the Arcturians and their themes and galactic archetypes. Everyone’s experiences and perceptions of et races will vary from person to person, but what’s important is that you experience your own truth 🙂

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Such a wealth of knowledge you have shared!