The Dark Mother

It was the peak of July’s full moon when I met her.

The Dark Mother… The Crone… Lady Divinorum… She has many names, but its still the same spirit.
She is the stinging you feel from a black widow bite. The venom you feel taking over your blood stream from the snake. The poisonous plants you know to stay away from. The shadow that creeps behind you when you’re walking alone at night. She is where traditional witchcraft comes from. And she lives in the realm where all your nightmares are born. She is the shadow.

Her presence is extremely intimidating. If you’re one who likes to feel safe and in control, then do not call on her. If you approach her with c**kiness and a dominating energy, she would love nothing more than to put you in your place. She is a trickster. What looks like chaos to us is divine order in her eyes. She is wise, fierce, and a very unconventional teacher. She is to be respected and honoured.

Above all, she is divine. Absolutely beautiful. I am madly in love with this spirit. She is the most mysterious, and fascinating yet terrifying spirit I have ever connected with. The furthest thing from my comfort zone. She is bizarre and needs not to explain herself to you. She owes you nothing. She is a beautiful reminder that spirit is wild and untamed. She is so humbling to show you that you do not have it all figured out. And if you’re brave enough to surrender to her, let all of your fears engulf you, she will teach you about darkness. And your perspective about fear and shadow will be forever changed. You will be transformed and become more whole.
What is light without shadow?

The eternal dance between these two is the most beautiful love story in existence.
Now that this communication has opened up to me I cannot wait to understand her and work with her energy more. She is so luring and mesmerizing. But be cautious, she is not for the naive or faint-hearted. 😉

*Artwork by Salvia Droid*

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Very interesting – this female energy is very important to me. However I don’t see her as a being (she is an aspect of godhead) that desires fear…when I try to understand this god I look at a Hyena – ugly and beautiful, all bulges and teeth – i look at a shark, deep sea fish, crocodile and the small slimey things most people dismiss. I think about them carrying and laying eggs – about their death and the death of their children and the return to dirt and filth. Divinity is in everything – my favourite thing to say… Read more »
On second reading I suddenly realised how insane some parts of my previous comment actually sounds – I promise you I almost completely sane. I just got a little excited – and I apologise for the terrible english in the above too. Your posts subject matter means a lot to me and ‘The Shrew’ for instance is a concept that came to me in one of those meditation like states…without saying too much I am intrigued to know if anything I have said has meant something to you, even if that meaning is an emotional reaction only. Sorry for the… Read more »

That seemed pretty sane to me. If it was mad, it wouldn’t be as coherent as it was. 😀


Thank you – I do try!


That is the single best paragraph I have ever read on this site.
@ both Jay and PseudoCerberus


Thank you, it means a lot to me too – I am about to PM you!


Our Lady Babalon……..


Darkness is not the absence of light. It is light at such a high vibration that it is beyond your visual perception, hence you see darkness…..

There’s one being that I’m more worried about than the Dark Mother: The “Inquisitor”. I’ll have to give you some backstory to see what I mean. Though the inquisitor is rarely named so to find anything on the inquisitor, you’d need to search deep to find anything about it. This has nothing to do with the bible btw. Since the inquisitor is an emobiment of an aspect rather than an deitic identity, or rather is basically the aspect within all of us that ever searches for knowledge and insight, hence no references to specific gender or labelled identity like an… Read more »
Ok if anyone saw my previous comment about the inquisitor, I accidentally posted it prematurely as I was initially writing it in note form, so don’t be surprised if it sounds confusing. Ah well. I’ll explain it better if/when it’s posted. Right now it’s stuck in moderation I think. Well this one posted but the other one didn’t. I don’t get what’s going on with it lol Basically I was just saying how it’d be interesting if those two ever came to blows being both potentially considered “darker” and perhaps more unorthodox than other “deities”.. I apologize for the inconsistencies… Read more »