The Other Worlds

I have always wanted the experience of going into a deep meditation or astral traveling the cosmos. Yet that never happened to me in the way that I imagined.

Recently I feel as if I am living in another dimension or what they call… “their realm.”

When I first went into a deep meditation, a giant image of an old Native American man popped out at me. I quickly passed it off as nothing. Perhaps a subconscious desire from a film.

But as time passed things got a bit stranger, my entire world slowly morphed into what feels like another land. I don’t really see clouds in the sky anymore, but gnomes smiling back. Giant viking men in the the trees.

Little sweet creatures showing off their young ones to me, and I do all of this smiling at the floor. It’s quite a 2D experience as in the beings that surround me are like pictures that paint over all things.

They also live inside me…that was a shocker to find. As I come closer to the truth I can feel them rattle my body saying “Yes!” to all my meandering questions.

The other strange events that take place is when I am high on marijuana. My whole ceiling and floor turns into a giant hologram of various dimensions.

Now I understand where cartoons come from in a way. They’re all downloaded from these other realms of the most kindest looking creatures. So many realms surround us. Some with fierce tribe-like humans that have a strange star mark on their right eye, some with furry humanoid creatures. Above all they share a funny air to them.

I just wanted to share this because I haven’t met an awakened soul that sees things the way I do. I’ve met many that encountered random entities and aliens-that can visit other worlds. Some can summon these beings, but they seem to be exploding in my reality all over the place.

I tended to think that all awakened archetypes are the same, but people keep telling me that I am a Shaman. I don’t really have an answer for that, but I’d love to hear anyone’s input if they’ve shared similar experiences!

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