A Dream I Had Last Night

A Dream I Had Last Night

So I had a dream where I was back in highschool walking around the neighborhood where my highschool was with some friends I haven’t spoken to since that time. We walked past a black dog. I turned around and saw it morph into a condor. I was like wtf omg. Then more people saw and started to gather around it. It kept staring at me and everyone including myself were puzzled as to why it was staring at me. Then it reached out towards me with its beak and we were immediately transported to the entrance to this cave and it was hovering above me. It was reaching down towards me with its beak. It reminded of some renaissance painting I’ve seen where an angel is hovering above someone and reaches down to touch them to save them or something like that. The as soon as it’s beak touched me there was an explosion of light and I woke up.

I did some research and found out that condor totems have an interesting meaning. I’m going to copy and paste some interesting information about what condors mean to the native Peruvians.

“Condor totem represents a burning desire to see different points of view. Perhaps argumentative at first, watchers soon see the reasoning creator and the sensitive leader within his/her spirit.

Condor energy guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Perspectives change, and you start to see life on a bigger, grander scale, one that you never thought was ever possible to see with your own eyes.

Condor people can see beyond their own earthly rules or limitations and reach the “peak” or high mountain strength necessary for your own life enrichment. Many long, solitary hours are spent in meditation, deep soul-urge driven thoughts, and writings.

Condor people are creators…reasoning creators in that at times are uneasy, or unsure of their own powers. Condor medicine people are quick thinkers, and wise leaders. The sensitive leadership qualities they own may lead them to help others, take them “under your wings’ so to speak. The potential for learning is very high, and the flight of the condor is always changing and going though cycles of transformation…death, birth, and rebirth. Letting go of the old, and bringing in the new. Condor people need intellectual stimulation, and crave discussions based on differing perspectives.

The ultimate symbol of strength and healing lies within all of us, as long as we nurture it and feed its spirit. We can do anything, and must always return to nature to refresh and change perspectives. Follow nature’s cycles, as a life lesson in that change is the only constant. We are never alone if we are at home within ourselves.”

This represents everything I had always believed and it resonates with me 10,000 percent. Especially since this past week I had just set the intention to remember a past life I had on another planet. So the part where it talks about the condor taking you to a higher perspective and new insights is extremely synchronizatic if that is a word. So this is my experience I thought I’d share.

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Beautiful just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

It’s always amazing to me how people know which dreams are different. Like, from the outside it just sounds like a pretty normal dream. Like, “it was a dream, there was a big bird, it did something weird and things changed.” But in reality you’re driven to look it up online, post it on this site, write an entry about it, etc- pushing the story out in front of you as it’s significance is pushing into you via the dream, because you already know it’s different. I’ve had dreams like that, where for some reason you still think about them… Read more »
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