A Game With The Elves

A Game With The Elves

So I recently had a reading done with Gigi and learned about my guides, particularly my Elven guides, and some things from some past lives. It is so nice to be able to better identify these blurry beings of light I have been experiencing so much lately. This of course lead me to want to connect more and discover more about these beings, who they are, and my relationship to them. So what better way to get to know someone than by playing a game? 🙂

I set the intent, not really knowing what to expect or how to even play a game with multidimensional beings, but I figured they would know. Almost immediately after deciding to play a game with them I heard “Find us in people”
Boom theres the game. Don’t know exactly how this works but lets do it. And it didn’t take long before things started happening. That same day I almost ran into a guy at the store who reminded me so much of a character in a dream I had recently. He paused and looked at me as if he recognized me. He had a particular light in his eyes. Suddenly I knew what was meant by “find us in people” and I knew how to play.

The next day or so I went on a spontaneous beach trip with a couple close friends. Only a few hours before we left, I had an encounter. I heard a high pitched ringing sound and their Elvin energy filled the room. Everything around me felt alive and playful, as if the walls had eyes. I could feel them smiling at me and it felt like our minds merged together. My perspective was very different and my breathing deepened. I saw everything with a purple glow around it and sparkling gold lights everywhere. I heard them speak inside my head “We’re here with you”. I felt so much love and appreciation, then the moment was over. This all happened in the few minutes my friend was washing his face in the bathroom. Yup, this is going to be a fun beach trip.

And it was. Before we even checked in our hotel we went straight to the water. I laid down on my blanket in the sand and right next to me I find a hematite bracelet half buried! I knew who it was from, my guides love leaving me crystals. I have another story like that already on here. And the game continued. I kept meeting so many nice people. Random strangers on the beach, people who just walk by, people who were working at the shops, I would always find someone with that glow in their eyes. Someone who reminded me of that loving energy I felt right before I left. And even if we didn’t talk at all, they would look at me like they recognized me and smile like they knew what I was thinking. It was so crazy! Even my friends noticed how some of the people were acting around me.

Now it was the end of our trip and we were about to drive back. We went to a couple stops before we headed out and of course the only lady working had that energy. She was so kind and we were the only ones in the store. We all talked for about 20 mins and we all walked out together as she closed everything up. She looked at me and gave me that same smile and clicked off the “OPEN” sign in front of the store. Right when she clicked the sign, I heard my car unlock. I thought that was funny that my friend unlocked it at the same time she clicked the sign (we took turns driving so sometimes he had my keys) and I laughed a little to my self at that fact that my car “opened” when she clicked open lol. So we walk back to my car and my friend was like “You have the keys right?”
“…uhh nope, thought you had em”
We all checked our pockets and came out empty handed. The keys were in the seat inside the car. We opened the car door and my car was unlocked. Which is strange because my car has this feature where it automatically locks after 1 min. And Like I said we were in that store for way longer than that.

Wow that was magic. Like straight out of a movie. I was sunburned and tired and we would’ve had to wait who knows how long to go through all that AAA stuff and calling a locksmith. This whole trip was just magic. On top of that, this game of finding my guides in people is helping me a lot because
1. Im getting more familiar with what they feel like
2. Its training me to find the divine in random strangers. To look at any random person as if I was meeting an angel. Its like the exact opposite of paranoia.
3. To see the magic in everyday experiences.
This has been such a beautiful week. I have felt so much love and gratitude. I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

Have you guys ever played games with your guides? How so? I would love to read your stories as well 🙂
*Art by Alex Grey*

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Jason! 😀 Your story is exactly what I needed to see. lol I’ve been looking for validation in my real world for things happening in my subtle. I was amazed that you were left a hematite bracelet so I looked up what it meant to help me understand your story. Well, I didn’t find the true meaning of hematite. But the search led me to discover a Sunstone crystal which is exactly what I need to help me with my next step in life right now (happens to have hematite in the mineral sub-structure). Thank you once! <3 I feel… Read more »

Awesome experience. To find the divine in everyone. Wonderful. 🙂

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