A Walk Deep Down The Lower Astral

A Walk Deep Down The Lower Astral

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve had a nightmarish encounter in my dream. That happens maybe a couple times a year but it’s always memorable. I usually get the feeling of being tested, when I experience something scary in my dream but this time it was different – I felt like, I got a little burned while playing with fire.

I don’t remember how it happened but I found myself in an endless white corridor. There was an old man slowly walking by and for some reason I started following him. He was pale, his body was average looking and his facial features were average, as well. My problem was, the only thing I could feel was emptiness. I looked into his eyes but I couldn’t connect with his soul. In fact, I couldn’t detect any emotion or a sign of consciousness. It felt like he didn’t have a soul. That being’s vibration was lower than the vibrations of fear, anger, despair, apathy etc. I’ve never experienced such level of emptiness. I wasn’t scared of that person but I could feel my own vibration dropping, like someone was sucking the life force out of me. It was such a vivid experience.

At some point I realized I didn’t know how to leave that place. I was basically following a zombie-like creature walking its infinitely long blank path. Then I heard my officemate’s voice, who was trying to wake me up. She kept repeating I should wake up and somehow managed to pull me out of that place. I experienced sleep paralysis for a moment but she continued talking to me until I was fully awake. I opened my eyes and turned on my night stand lamp. I was very sleepy and felt like my energy has been literally drained out of my body but I knew I shouldn’t fall asleep before raising my vibration. I looked at my phone and it was 3:13 am. I get angelic messages through numbers all the time so I knew I wasn’t alone. I followed the guidance and listened to some music in order to return to a vibrational state I’m comfortable with. It took me almost an hour to fully recover from that dream. I felt inclined to share that story even though I’m not sure what’s the message. Perhaps someone needs to read it.

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Hi! I started responding but there was TOO much, so I decided to write a story I’ll put up today. Thanks for starting this discussion!

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