About Last Night…an Encounter With The Whites

About Last Night…an Encounter With The Whites

Last night was the intense Full Leo Moon and eclipse on the last day of January 31, 2018. I was having an intense few days of cleansing leading up to the evening. I had come back from a Full Moon circle and was feeling the waves and fever of the cleansing. I went to sleep fine, I almost left the light on (a little trepedation, for some reason), but turned it off. I awoke just before 5am, opened my eyes and was looking to the right. The foot of the bed in view. I knew they were there or had been there. Looking back on the evening it’s almost as if I knew they were coming. But this was different. I had fear but was working through it. I think there were two that were there, the ship was outside the window. I could sense it. I didn’t want to look because I was afraid but I leaned into the fear and connected with a female. She was smiling, her skin white. She has a purple mark on her third eye. She was peaceful, growing spiritually. Almost like I knew her. Her skin – their skin – was white. A glowing. radiant white. They had evolved and were in a stage of beautiful spiritual growth.

I realized that I shouldn’t have fear over their visits. That I should let the fear go and embrace their visits. Maybe let them know that I am afraid and allow them to work with me on that.

<3 Peace <3

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Great encounter ! Easing the fear and letting teach us its lesson(s) without resisting it, is what I’m working on at the moment so I relate to your story. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

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