Alien Phone Call

Alien Phone Call

A few nights ago, I was drifting off to sleep. I was in the state between awakeness and sleep, Alpha brain wave state, if you will. I was downloading some message that was coming to me audibly and I was translating it in my mind. I suddenly became conscious that the massage I was hearing was very obviously in an alien language and I had been translating it subconsciously (which made it seem like it was my own thoughts). At this point of awareness, I became very afraid and creeped out. I had never had such a obviously physical experience in a long time. Because I reacted with such fear, I immediately forgot everything that was being downloaded and cut off the channel with this being. I turned on the light and called my boyfriend. Any time there would be a second of silence I would freak out and yell if he could hear me hahaha. The phone connection would break up every few minutes as well as strange interference in the phone connection. I was convinced that this was due to the being trying to spark a channel for communication again (I was so afraid it was hard to sense if I was just being crazy).

When I was younger, at the beginning of my spiritual exploration, I did a lot of witch craft and channeling of entities and I had a horrifying experience. At that point I never wanted to connect with other beings on such a physical level ever again and I resulted to reading very symbolic messages only. I wish I would have stayed calm and tried to feel the energy and listen to the message I was downloading, but I reacted with such intense fear that the only thing I could focus on was grounding myself as much as I could.

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What most people call “downloads” is actually more like live streaming since it can all be lost in a moment of disconnection if still incomplete. A common mistake since they are close metaphors.

Evidently this fear was rooted from your childhood traumatic experiences. Perhaps this would serve as a revelation that you do not need to be afraid, at least before knowing their intentions.


Back when I was in Christianity we called this phenomenon “interpretation of tongues” or “light language” for us cosmic new agers. Being able to reach into those higher dimensions, receive a transmission then be able to translate it into our language is a rare and very valuable gift. Remember that the higher you raise your vibration the more you “choke out” those lower vibrational entities who cannot operate on the higher planes.

I find reiki is great for having the ability to lessen fear when you start to get freaked out. If you start to feel something weird, you can kind of just turn it on and it sorts everything back to normal, or even strengthens a connection to something positive that you’re connected to. Remember like, most of the people that do push past the initial phases of channeling where you might encounter the lower astral entities will say that the large majority of spirits in the universe are positive. The only reason they’re connecting to you at all is because… Read more »
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