Ancestral Connection

Ancestral Connection

One afternoon I dozed off peacefully. I remember I was in a state where I wasn’t aware of my physical body, I was in a black void. As I laid there, a sense of peace washed over me, along with the laughter of children, and multiple voices speaking in tongues I did not understand.

I felt no fear or anxiety, instead I felt like it was sort of a reunion between souls I knew in a different life. I never experienced this type of encounter again despite trying multiple times. I theorize I was able to reach that state of mind and connection because my mind truly was blank and negate of thought and emotion of the physical and dense world.

The feeling I felt cannot be put into proper words of what I truly felt. Where I went, it was peace, it was wholeness and oneness. Overall, I count this as my most beautiful encounter thus far.

light and love <3,


Photo credit to flickr

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Loved this. Thank you for sharing <3

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