Angelic Being Encounter

Angelic Being Encounter

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was playing around in my mother’s old broken down Plymouth van. It was a hot summer’s day in the Midwest where I grew up. So as you can imagine it was boiling hot in the car, but I didn’t really care because I was playing hide and seek with my neighbour friends. After awhile I noticed smoke coming out of the engine of the car. Immediately I tried to open the sliding door and get out of the car, but I think it was child locked. In the moment I thought that the car was locked because it was on fire. I was panicked, so I didn’t think to exit out the front doors. So I was sitting there screaming and fighting to try and get out of the van. Just as I thought all hope was lost, the door flung open, and before me was an Angelic being or Pleiadian with a bright yellow/white aura wearing pure white robes and smiling at me. She was a very feminine being. I felt my heart flood with gratitiude and peace. I remember hugging her and I could feel her embrace. Growing up with an LDS background I automatically thought that it was an angel. I couldn’t explain what I experienced with anyone. When I told my mother what happened, she didn’t seem to understand or care. When I told others what I experienced, they tell me that it wasn’t what I saw, because they cannot understand with their limited perspectives. I’ve had a few experiences like this one. I believe it was real and important. Credit to the artist Corey Wolfe angel art

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“When I told my mother what happened, she didn’t seem to understand or care…”

I believe that when most people seem to not care, it really just means that they are terrified to view any realities that may shatter their belief systems or paradigms.


I see angels a lot. It was probably an angel. It must have been like that classic scene where an angel helps these two kids across a river bridge.


Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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