Arcturian Cat

Arcturian Cat

Backstory: I had a dream months ago where I communicated with two black cats. These were not typical house cats. They had ears that pointed straight up. Like the Egyptian cat, Baset. The two cats also had glowing blue stripes on their bodies. In hindsight, I now recognize that the two cats represented my two primary Arcturian Guides, Shaula (Sha-lah) and Shiyleah (Sh-why-lee-ah).

I attended a collective singing bowl medi Fri evening that left me feeling clear. So clear, that I made some huge discoveries this past weekend.

First, I solved my mandala puzzle. Here’s how it works… At the center of the piece is a third-eye compass in the shape of a diamond. Each point of the diamond represents one of my four Guides. The mandala facing right side up connects to my primary Guide(s) (the first and second work as a pair). This is indicated with the letter “K” and a large black weigh point at the top of the piece. If I turn the symbol, I connect to another Guide. So simple! This was channeled to me through a dream I had that evening.

In the same dream. My boss was dressed up in leather motorcycle gear that looked like a cat. That’s the trigger… a cat! It’s meant to teach my subconscious that I’m dreaming and a Guide is present. This is the exact technique used to develop lucid dreaming. Anyway, I laughed when I figured it out. Those Guides have a sense of humor.

I used what I learned from the dream Fri in a medi Sun evening. I began by setting intention to connect with Guide Three (or Four). I exercised strengthening my clairaudience with music. I focused on each sound of a track individually and then in unison. It’s an efficient way for me to launch myself into a trance state. I’ll share much more about my history with this technique in a future piece. After 15-20 mins I made the connection.

A masculine energy stepped forward. I recognized it. I’ve felt it before. He came in from the left side of the crown and into the cheek. My body began to pulse w/ energy. The energy vibrated through my entire left side from the cheek, neck, collar bone, chest, and down my arm into my left hand. I kept my palm facing upward and focused on receiving his energy. My neck went numb. It radiated energy from what felt like a thousand kisses.

I ended the hour session by taking time to practice frequency matching. Think of it as a game of catch. I would feel and read the energy received and then send that same energy in return. This helps to cultivate a deeper connection and lets the Guide know if I am interpreting his energy correctly. I gave thanks and shut down my portal.

In four months, I went from knowing nothing about channeling to cultivating a connection with three of my four Spiri Guides. A reading with Gigi Young in December of last year was the validation I needed after years of putting the signs together. It became the launching point for me.

As a reward for my efforts, I was given an Arcturian script that was channeled by a Mentor. The Guides are encouraged with my progress, calling me an Ambassador of the Light.

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This is so awesome! I too have had my guides come to me as cats a few times 😀 And I also use music in a similar way that you were talking about for channeling and meditation. Im glad to hear about your experiences. Thanks for sharing this

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