Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms


At 11pm on the 11th of August I went up Ravenscraig hill with a friend, I was beating my drum as we walked up the dirt path, halfway up with the hill on my left and before we went under the dense tree cover I suddenly I felt a buzzing on the top of my head it felt as though millions of little electrodes were coming in or going out from my Crown chakra, I believe now these things I have been experiencing over the last year or two were the effects of ascension. This buzzing lasted for a continuous two minutes’, this may not sound long but imagine the feeling of 10,000 people walking over your grave, well this was the same but on top of my head; I said to my friend about the buzzing, who also said they were getting this feeling but maybe not as intense. We walked on up through the trees to the top were we stood for a time taking in the energies of the hill. We walked back down the same gentle pathway with the sound of the drum beating in the stillness of the night, the sound dampened by the coverage of tall trees.

Ravenscrag is about three quarters of a mile from cairnpaple hill and about a quarter of a mile from the knock hill; many good times over the last 25-30 years have been spent on this hill. The first name I had for this hill was (The gypsy hill) I still call it that today, I’m not sure if I named it this or someone told me, but it has stuck and it suited my energy better at the time, I cannot recollect when I first heard the name Ravenscrag it could have been at the same time or later but I’ve only really had to associate the name Ravenscrag with this hill in the last 2 years or so, it is named Ravenscraig on the geographical maps of the area.
Unlike cairnpaple hill which has fields around it, Ravenscraig has tall evergreen and deciduous woodland all over it, the hill has both a steep and a gradual gradient that can be walked. The hill has a steep rocky north-east face where it was cut apart in silver mining excavation over a hundred years ago, at the top there is a type of tree called larex decidua, a deciduous conifer that drops it’s needles in winter, these trees that surround the top of the hill are turning yellow just now and are shaped by years of cold north winds, the trees have a dense coverage to the east and south and sparse coverage on the west and North giving way to some excellent views of the surrounding countryside.
On top of the hill, there are big boulder like outcrops siting as if put there by an ancient culture long forgotten in the mists of time.
This area is perfect for building fires and stargazing or performing ceremonial activities. I remember in my early twenties soon after moving to Bathgate going up this hill with maybe 100 people and having parties, there would be big tent type coverings for the punk and folk bands that were invited to play and in another area food would be getting cooked. And everywhere tents would be pitched, there was always a fire burning for warmth and comfort. Some of my best times have been on this hill alone.
Owls are always a frequent visitor whilst here at night and other birds of prey during the day and of course the crows, magpies and other smaller birds. Deer escape from beecraigs Country Park, can be seen roaming the hills from time to time. These rolling hills and fields are mostly designated areas of farmland that cows and sheep graze.
I have seen many a beautiful sunrise and sunset from here, I’ve seen the mist come creeping in, eerily moving round the knock hill clinging onto the lower ground, searching like fingers that extend to engulf the valley below, receding in the same manner leaving the land kissed by the morning dew glistening in the sunrise emerging behind the knock hill to the north-east.

Love & light

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