Astral Travel To The Moon

Astral Travel To The Moon

I have had a number of astral travels over the years, but this is one is the more remarkable.

I found myself on the surface of the moon inside a structure. It was a hangar, very industrial looking on the inside. I looked like a typical industrial plant on earth. There were metal pipes everywhere, metal walkways and metal stairs. I also remember seeing the outside of the hangar and the strange shape of the roofing surprised me. The roofing consisted of several “lobes”. To best explain it, it looked a bit like the Sydney Opera, only that the lobes where more horizontal, much closer to each other and facing the same direction. The color was matte black. There was a huge door in the front of the hangar.

So i found myself on the inside and came to a machine which to me seemed the central hub. There was a silver plaque put on the machine wich said in caps:


So i thought to myself “see, they were here before”. There was dust on the plaque. At this point i must clarify that i am not sure that i saw physical reality, because i could interact with my surroundings. I could wipe the dust off with my hand. Maybe i was in an astral reality wich was a copy of the physical, maybe i saw them both superimposed, or maybe it was pure astral, i don’t know.

Next thing i remember is that the machine starts (can’t remember how), making noise and distributing energy through the pipes and there is suddenly a whole lot of astral activity coming to life in the hangar. A lot of noise, and i saw purple cloud like beings with no real shape roaming the walkways, which where moaning somehow.

At this point i woke up in my bed with a really strange feeling. There was a strange sensation of energy i got from it which i cannot put in words. It was much more defined and “weird” than other astral travels i had. The feeling lingered with me for a few hours in the morning.

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Wow! Interesting find and dream!

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