Tuesday, May 23, 2017
11:13 AM

It was a celebration of the world not ending like everyone said it would. It was December 21st, 2012. I was 18 and reconnecting with my dads side of the family. We all joked earlier in the day about what could have happened and what was actually happening. I peered out the window of my dads pool hall and stared outside into the sky. I could feel change. I knew that something big was happening but I wasn’t sure what. I did not consume anything that day that would effect my mind or body yet the strangest experience happened. I decided to spend the night at my cousins house that lived right down the hill. They live way out in the country of Arkansas. So I’m at the sleepover then I get the strangest sensation. After bantering religious views for a while I began feeling ill. My head started rushing. It felt like it was moving so rapidly that it would come off. It was rapid that it threw off my inner ear and I got very sick. My senses started to fade and I was loosing my balance. I finally made it there even though it was only a room over. And I began throwing up from what felt like my toes. My whole body just clenched and stayed that way as my body was getting rid of its contents. I managed to make it back in the room and I asked if anything we ate was expired thinking I had food poisoning, but everyone else was fine. At this point I’m thinking they poisoned me because I was speaking alternate views from their very narrow Christian ones. I wasn’t being disrespectful to them prior to this so I wasn’t sure what was going on. After anther 2 hard trips to the bathroom and back I just laid on the floor for a second. I was asking them for help but they just left me there. I felt like if I didn’t somehow get back to my dads house that I would die. So I gave myself a short pep talk and gathered my things. I remember everything was numb and even my vison and hearing was extremely dim. I managed to stumble up the hill in the dark. I honestly don’t know how I even made it There was fallen trees with big rocks and leaves everywhere. I made it to my dads window and I knocked on it. And my legs gave out. So I laid there until he got to me. He carried me and my bags inside. He thought I took a serious drug but I didn’t take anything. I heard this loud consuming noise as I laid on the couch. I felt like my whole body was moving but I was lying still. I went within my mind somehow and just got familiar with this sound. It took me to a white room. Then I remember waking up and having my grandparents come get me. I lived with them. They had to drive my car home for me. I was seeing things. The colors the shapes, it just was so vivid every time I closed my eyes and I couldn’t focus long enough on my surroundings in the 3D. I got home and went to bed. It was like 7 am. And I then drifted into a deep sleep. I dreamed that I sat up and left my body. As I started to walk around I met this Tiger Woman. She told me her name was TigerLilly and that it was time to officially meet. She told me that I was Divine and that I have to remember everything now. She told me I had to switch bodies with her in this dimension. I Then looked down and I was her and then I looked at her and she was me. I tested my new cat like abilities. But I wasn’t hunting anything just being playful. There was a lot more that happened in this astral experience but I don’t want to make this too long. So she came back to me in this dimension and we switched back bodies. She told me from now on she can look after my body if I need to go into the astral and to never leave it open when traveling out of body. I then woke up and my family was so relived. They thought I was really sick since I stayed asleep for 3 DAYS. Its all been different since then. I can access this other place from a waking state now.

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I really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing such an amazing experience! Is that what Tiger Lilly looks like? Beautiful!


Your experience reminded me of how I love the timing of the Universe. It feels so serendipitous but necessary that she appeared to you at this exact moment in your life, and I just appreciate so much the synchronicity inherent in that. What a wonderful way to be protected and elevated 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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