Being Observed

Being Observed

this was the most vivid dream i’ve had in years and to me vivid dreams mean something special. I dont know what it is but i always lend more creedence to the more vivid dreams

I was in a forest and a ship came down. It looked kind of like a rectangle but it opened from one side like a laptop.. After it had landed it would open up and balance so it looked like a v. I was horrified at first but then humans came out and one of them was offering me different types of fruit. I only recognized one which was a sweet potato and that was my favorite one. I remember disliking one. There were other fruits but the only ones that i remember distinctly was the really good one and the really bad one. For not understanding their language i remember being extremely empathetic or telepathic and i could do what they wanted through their hand signals and facial expressions. I knew they were studying me and i understood. I knew what it felt like and i enjoyed it so i was happy to show them what life was like here. I don’t think i could speak. The species i was wasn’t capable of verbal communication the way humans are. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but i could tell the guy was trying to encourage me to eat different fruits to see what my diet was. I remember i felt close to them after a while but i couldn’t tell if it was because we actually were close or if they were just playing off my naivete. I couldn’t tell if i only thought they were friendly because they gave me food or if it was a genuine love in my heart. The love felt more real than any other i had in this life. I never felt such an unconditional love before. I remember being with a guy and he we walked to the edge of a lookout point and he pointed at a waterfall in the distance. I got the vibe that he wanted to go and i was so excited. I would have been glad to show him how to get there. But the next day they left. I never saw any of them again. The ships or the people.

I could tell my consciousness wasn’t as evolved. It reminded me of being a small child. You can make many distinctions between objects or people. I wasn’t aware how my surroundings were effecting. The only thing that seemed real were emotions. Everything else was secondary, the people, the setting, the food, the weather. All i knew was unconditional love and excitement at certain events. The two things that brought me excitement were the really good sweet potato (honestly it tasted like candy it was so freaking good) and the fact that there were beings there who were interested in me. I felt really proud to show them around my home. I remember eating and after i woke up i kept trying to thing what species i was by trying to remember my hands holding the fruit as i ate it but i realized i didn’t have any. I just leaned in and ate the food with my mouth. It was kind of like how any quadruped would eat but i felt like i was walking on two legs. That is all i remember about myself. The humans just looked like regular people. I wish i could say for certain which animal i was in this dream but i honestly have no clue beyond what ive already said.

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