Connect To Spirit Meditation

Connect To Spirit Meditation

I just had the opportunity to relax and listen to the Free Connect To Your Spiritual Guide Meditation. The journey was extremely relaxing and peaceful. I never seen the type of guide encounter I’m going to explain, so I’m not sure if I just created this in my head, or was it a real contact experience. After going up the 12 stories in the crystal mountain, when I completed the 12 stories everything became foggy. While I was walking through the fog a very tall gray bluish lean figure approached. The figure was so tall I believe I was face to face with a lean torso. I was able to reach out and touch the torso and when I did that, the being faded away. The entire experience felt extremely peaceful and I was not scared at all. I’m not sure if I made it up in my head or was this a real contact.

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“I’m not sure if I made it up in my head or was this a real contact.” Someone, please, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that everyone here (including me) can relate to that uncertainty. Trust your(higher)self and you’ll get better at connecting with you guides.

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