Connect To Spirit Meditation

Connect To Spirit Meditation

I just had the opportunity to relax and listen to the Free Connect To Your Spiritual Guide Meditation. The journey was extremely relaxing and peaceful. I never seen the type of guide encounter I’m going to explain, so I’m not sure if I just created this in my head, or was it a real contact experience. After going up the 12 stories in the crystal mountain, when I completed the 12 stories everything became foggy. While I was walking through the fog a very tall gray bluish lean figure approached. The figure was so tall I believe I was face to face with a lean torso. I was able to reach out and touch the torso and when I did that, the being faded away. The entire experience felt extremely peaceful and I was not scared at all. I’m not sure if I made it up in my head or was this a real contact.

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“I’m not sure if I made it up in my head or was this a real contact.” Someone, please, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that everyone here (including me) can relate to that uncertainty. Trust your(higher)self and you’ll get better at connecting with you guides.


Trust what you saw and felt. I’ve tried that meditation three times and still nothing. I wonder what I am doing wrong?

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