Crimeia – Liquid Being From Pink Sky+golden Water Planet

Crimeia – Liquid Being From Pink Sky+golden Water Planet

I had seen the planet several times before during meditation, I went there to relax during a hard time in my life. I always saw a small golden lake, the ground around the lake is purple with some white crystals/rocks here and there. I loved floating above the golden water, touching lightly the water beneath me with my fingers, and it felt warm and cosy. I dived in it and had experiences in the lake sometimes, but it is not for drinking, it had a metallic taste. And the beautiful pink sky always made me so happy and peaceful, I love that planet, feels like home, but I don’t know it’s name nor have any idea where it is. During the QHHT session I saw myself with a body for the first time, I was Crimeia, I believe she is my higher self or one of my guides who are me.

My liquid body was like something I could have never imagined, it was incredible, I haven’t ever seen anything like it. I was humanoid, upright, 2 arms and legs, but everything liquid, like liquid gold flowing from my head down. If I moved around, the liquid would move with me, the faster I moved, the more incredible shapes I could be. But when I stopped, it would all come back to ‘normal’ and look more humanoid again. I was so light and flexible, what an incredible feeling!

My face was under/inside the liquid, you could see eyes and mouth, but they were part of in the liquid, hard to explain.

When I went to my home, I arrived at an incredible ‘hut’ like building, thin and tall, made of white shiny pearl-like crystal, smooth, a round pointy end at the top, with just a door to enter. Once inside, it was huge, like a cathedral, really really high ceiling, it didn’t need windows, the crystal walls lighted everything inside with a perfect soft light.

My father was there, he was goldish liquid like me, but bigger, stronger build. He took my hand and showed me the most funny looking pet I have ever seen, it was a sort of a pig-like dog, with pink smooth skin with purple dots on it. It wagged its thin pink tail, happy to see me.

My house was far away from other buildings, afterwards we went to visit a town nearby, the buildings were all the same smooth white with round pointy end, the only difference were their sizes, the central buildings were extremely tall.

I felt how they were created, the white crystal came out of the ground and we carved the door with our minds and everything inside to make tables and other very simples furniture.

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This is so cool. Thank you for sharing. I was right there with you

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