Dancing With Vega

Dancing With Vega

I allowed my consciousness to drift further and further out of body, until I had a clear view overlooking the entire galaxy. To my surprise, the shape of the Milky Way isn’t so much a flat disk with spiral arms, but is rather more of a doughnut shape. The stars are arranged in the formation of spiraling cylinders, wrapping their way inward toward the black hole at the center.

In relation to Earth’s solar system, constellation Lyra is “North” of us.
(In the astral realm, it’s easy to find out where something is located just by asking for it, and allowing your intuition to guide you).

Flying toward Lyra at the speed of thought, my guides directed me to the star Vega. I felt intuitively that there are twelve stars in this system, and Vega is the primary.

Watching these stars from a distance, I saw them in what seemed to be a gravitational “dance” with one another.
Vega would use its gravity to pull in one of the nearby stars, twirl around with it for a bit, and then fling it off in surrounding orbit. It all felt like a dance, much like a Daddy-daughter dance, where the father is dancing with each of his daughters one at a time, each one being flung out into orbit as the next one is drawn in.

As I drew closer and closer, I too was drawn in by the stars gravity, and I soon found myself dancing with the star Vega. I was pulled in, with a spiraling vortex-like motion, and then flung into outer orbit like a twirling ballerina. The stars are always dancing, and each constellation has its own unique rhythm.

After continuing this dance for a brief period longer I then decided to fly directly into the star, allowing myself to fully embrace its immense power. When I did this, I felt like the star was doing energy work on me. I could feel it balancing specific aspects of my psyche. It appeared much like a stream of electricity flowing through different parts of my body, which brought me into a more cohesive, in-alignment state of being.

I could tell it would bringing order and organization to different aspects of my life. Once the process was finished, I went back to my body on Earth and took a moment to integrate what I had just experienced. I now have a new found love for the star Vega, and I know I can always tune back in if I ever need a re-adjustment in coherence and organization.

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