De-demonizing Teachers

De-demonizing Teachers

This is a discussion I have had with so many people recently, and seems to apply to many postings on this site, so I thought I’d just publish a few of my thoughts if it helps anyone. Please respond! I’m so open to other’s thoughts. I really enjoy perception shifting and growth!

I’ve had the experience of meeting a “demonic” being in dreams who will often take on the appearance of those close to me and try to elicit emotional reactions in very vividly real dreams that I have total recall of upon waking.
When this first happened, I was stunned and had a hard time being around my real roommate (whom it had taken on the form of first). It was really terrible and sneering and sexual and just plain…demonic.
Later, it would come in many forms in dreams and seemed to be playing with my innermost insecurities and weaknesses. When I would stand up to each “person”, it would lose power and sneer at me and I’d bolt awake. It really upset me a lot, as it was as real as if I had been awake.

Once I told it to say it’s name, and it couldn’t, sneered and left me. That’s when I started to understand what it was.
I had several conversations about this demon and how there were nights I wouldn’t sleep because of activity in the room which would proceed these dreams usually. There were many really trippy nights of sounds and half-sleeps and my will to fight…etc… eeeeekkk, right?!???

And then I just realized… this is so funny. My fear gives power to the energy that thrives on it.
I twisted my thoughts then- the “demon” was a great teacher. It really showed me where my weaknesses were, so I could work on them deeper. Every meeting I had with it served like a test.. when I passed (stood my energy or gave no emotion charge), it left.

I thanked the demon for visiting. For the showings into myself. Then I told it that it was no longer appropriate and must go. I sent it a very firm love without attachment and visualized any cord being severed between us.
Since then, I’ve encountered many people who speak of this demon in their home. I don’t feel that evil can make us victims. We do that to ourselves. Perhaps the demon was created by a playful higher self for the lessons it brought? Biggest one being personal power and free will to invite or un-invite energies in. And I realized my secret weapon is humor. When I can laugh and be thankful from a lighthearted place, it’s like dropping dish soap on grease. 🙂

A broader version of myself was laughing hysterically at how I hid under the covers and layed down the sage fog and fought for my very soul some nights… I had the power the whole time just to say “stop. lesson over.”

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I agree with you! We have to take responsibility for everything we encounter and then it holds no power over us 💜 Gigi’s video on dark entities is amazing. She explains the darkness while holding a high frequency that keeps you grounded while listening.


From the title I was expecting this to be about the psychic practice. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said or learned. However as a small statement:

A quote from one of my greatest teachers: “Do not see every enemy as an enemy. See them instead as an ally, whether they know it or not.”

It is realization and understanding that it is just a perception game that gives you the most power. You flipped the board rather than taking it as a harassing entity into something you could use as an asset for your own development.

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