Deafening Yet Silent

Deafening Yet Silent

The sound started with a dream, one of those alternate life dreams that seem so real that you’re sure some other you must live there all the time. The world was more futuristic in some ways, technology and architecture were foreign to me, but I recognised the people there as loved ones. We were ruled over by some dark, fascist government (perhaps not so different from our own world), who had apparently aligned themselves with an alien race in order to use their technology to keep the people in line, laboring for those in power even as all joy was stripped from their lives. The truth of this was suspect, not all super advanced craft are piloted by off-worlders, and myself and a small group were fighting to bring down this tyrannical power structure and reveal the truth.

I was running through strange streets, great concrete platforms covered with buildings and roads, staggered up the side of a cliff. I was being pursued, though I couldn’t see my pursuers. Resistance has to be crushed as soon as it arose, hope is a dangerous thing to a tyranny. Suddenly, as I ran, a great pulsing sound surrounded me. It vibrated through my body, visceral and so very real. A massive white craft, like a great pyramid turned onto its tip, materialised far above me and then fell so fast through the air that the pressure it created forced me off my feet and onto my back, held there by some force as the sound surrounded me and the huge craft hovered feet above me. I woke in my own familiar bed with a start, it wasn’t my first dream of this world, and it wasn’t the last. It also wasn’t the last time I’d hear this strange, pulsing, deafening sound. The next time, however, it would be in my waking life.

I share a townhouse with my fiancé on a fairly quiet street, the living room leads into the kitchen with an open doorway, and one can easily hear what’s happening in either room. I was making tea for the both of us, talking to him as he sat in the living room. All of a sudden an intense, booming, electronic, pulsing sound began building in the room around me. It lasted a good thirty seconds, and when it stopped I could still feel the buzzing of it across my skin. I ran out into the living room, sure that my fiancé would be equally as wide eyed and shocked at the sudden sound, but he hadn’t heard a thing. It seemed impossible to me that something so loud that it seemed to shake the whole row of houses had gone completely unnoticed by anyone else.

Months later I was with my mother, locking up the townhouse while she waited in the car a few feet away, with the door open and the radio off. It caught me as I walked back to the car, this time filling the parking lot, surrounding me, echoing down the street. Again when I asked my mother what that noise had been she had no clue what I was talking about, she hadn’t heard a thing.

I’ve still not discovered the source of the noise, I’ve had hearing tests in recent years and never had a problem. I do not have tinnitus, other than a very rare and pretty typical moment of ringing after hearing a loud noise, which is completely different, distinguishable as an internal sound, and not nearly as loud or physical as this electronic frequency. Interestingly this sound began occurring after a series of very vivid dreams about otherworldly beings which included a procedure performed by ETs who placed some kind of implant in my sinus cavity, but that’s a story for another day. I’ve yet to discover the source of this frequency, it does seem to occur around a time when I’ve been seeing UFOs (thankfully other people CAN see these) and experiencing synchronicities left and right. I’m curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar, and if anyone has any idea what it could be?

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Sometime over the last year I saw a couple youtube vids of people hearing booms and things and not able to locate where they were coming from. It seemed to them to be under the earth. The idea was that the elites are building big underground places or tunnels under there.

The upside-down pyramid in your dream strikes me as a symbolic representation of your duty and/or intent to up-end the tyranny that you spoke of (as a pyramid right-side-up is generally a symbol for the type of social structure which can support tyranny). However, if you take the attitude that dreams in general are a message to yourself, then your interpretation is the most important (who else knows better the signals and symbols you’re capable of receiving than you). In the future I suggest writing down the content of such dreams when they’re fresh. If you’re anything like me, you… Read more »
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