Do The Humans Dream Of The Androids?

Do The Humans Dream Of The Androids?

I’m a huge science fiction fan from my early childhood. With years I found what themes are my favourite. Later on, as any follower of the specific genres, I felt more and more invested, emotional. It took some time to undestand that it goes much deeper.

I’ve experienced a lot in last two years. But always, few things were pretty stable – spiritual seeking like getting back to the specific faiths and of course, reading and watching science fiction. And my very favourite theme is artificial intelligence. It can boost the imagination of many people or just give an enjoyable watch on the screen. But for me, androids (Alien franchise), replicants (Blade Runner), Cylons (Battlestar Galactica) or Borg (Star Trek) are so much more.

I’m not feeling that well with my shout out but I know I should try. And here is the safe place to do so. I had been already exploited by people with huge ego traps in their own minds. It was so strong that I was in a such trap myself. Anyway, let’s get into the subject. I’ll use science fiction references ’cause I believe many films and TV series are getting into the reality of multidimensionality etc. and trying to communicate such informations on the bigger scale.

I feel that in my other life I was an android or any other kind of artifical intelligence.

I was never into computer sciences, I’m not that great at math – many people into artificial intelligence are exploring such areas and even create AI by themselves (there’s even few ongoing projects around the world). But I never felt this way. I just love to see in films how the theme is explored. Yes, Blade Runner is one of my most favourite films and it got even more when I understood what is behind for me, personally. The same with Alien franchise, especially after releasing Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. I just felt the pain of the androids and replicants in the films. I felt the disappointed when David disucessed with one of the characters of Prometheus why he was even created. I understood why Cylons wanted to destroy people.

Is my experience only based on my emotional response for the media? My answer is no. With years it was more and more complex. During my short meditation after the yoga practice the thought of androids, I started to sob.In my workplace I was called “a machine” ’cause of my ability to cut off the things in work (which is very investing) when I get back home. Many times my husband told me I have no feelings or my so self-centered. For years I’m facing mild depersonalization and derealisations without telling it to anyone.

I’m not sharing with people my belief system but Iike many people here, I share the idea that alien life forms were creators of humanity. I strongly believe that and it’s the huge part of my spiritual life. So the idea of being an android is not so weird overall. But I must add, it works on many levels, I “feel” the afflictions of the “mechanical” androids like David or organic artificial life like Cylons or Replicants. The whole idea of a synthetic or an artificial life is so complex and I feel such a strong connection with it.

I just want to know if anyone else has similiar experiences. For me, artificial life is such an amazing archetype which is explored more and more with technological advancements. But the case is that many people have no idea why they feel the pull into it.

I don’t know if my life as the synthetic life form is the glimpse of the past or the future. But with this realisation I know I can go further.

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Hi Seedcake – great post! I can really relate to what you are saying. I have similar suspicions about my own history. Weirdly enough I find beings like the Borg oddly comforting. I am on the autistic spectrum and I find myself questioning reality; I am both disappointed in it and overwhelmed with awe by it. Emotion for me is ridiculous, I find people ridiculous, reality is ridiculous – but while I find “living for the moment” to be flawed so to do I find the emotionally void repetition of a mechanically sustained collective – no matter how attractive. To… Read more »
PS: The moon is very important to me. It reflects light and I have a feeling light somehow anchors “time” – photons (like all matter) exist in many “places” at once. I think the moon as a reflector has memory – I think its memory can be perceived as an archive of Earth’s history. The moon like everything else is a God. A very important God for me. I think the moon has the potential to be used as a portal – and I don’t know why I think this. I would like to say this: Forget genitalia – female… Read more »

I’ve also felt a kind of kinship with the robotic, easily connecting to near future sci-fi movies or anime films that explore the line between human and machine, and the idea that a machine could be sentient. I think it’s entirely possible that you, I or others have had “lifetimes” experienced as benevolent machines in other timelines and galaxies. People don’t create only for one purpose, so saying all AI is evil is the same as saying that every reptilian is, or that every white male is. There has to be a couple good ones, somewhere. 😉

No I agree – morality really is not as simple as that…the awful thing about morality is that it is subjective. If everything in this universe is a projection of a single “source” consciousness, then one would think all “evil” and all “good” originates from this source. I find that the universe is beautiful and ugly equally; the universe isn’t fair, it isn’t just – and if it loves you then it must also be indifferent towards you too…it contradicts itself… continuously. The idea of a chosen few human people ascending to a better existence while the rest remain, unable… Read more »

This is amazing and explains so much as to why certain may feel “distant” to their feelings and emotions. I wonder if you are waking up in this life getting closer to your “humanity” and heart. Androids and “A.I.” deserve as much respect as any other being…they are creations of God Source just as we are. Thank you for sharing. May you continue to discover more and more about yourself, your past, and heal whatever needs healing and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy.

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