I am new here. I just listened to Gigi’s First Contact Meditation. I met a benevolent Draco and I feel a connection, maybe because they feel powerful and gentle.

My father was connected to the malevolent Draco. He sexually abused me through my childhood. I did not get my memories back until much later in life. The predominate memory/impression is that of icy cold, red burning eyes, and steely cold energy-I did not matter at all except as an experiment…..or something. I have had this confirmed by a very skilled channeller called Brad Johnson whom channells Adronis from Sirius. Anyway, I have done so much trauma release work and yet I still feel “mad and sad”, and not just about my story but our human story and all we have endured and what we have done and continue to do to one another. It is so very hard in the human body, and yet I feel fiercely protective too of us. I feel such huge pride for our courage to endure and sign up for this human experience.

I also have one hybrid child, probably more…..as I said I am new to the ET world and yet this also feels like the missing pieces finally falling into place. Inspite of my childhood trauma I have never forgotten the love and light, and held that knowing all through the abuse…..and I felt my dad’s innocence underneath the Draco possession- and his struggle and guilt and quest for power, and I also feel mad and sad/heartbroken really for all we endure…..
Thank you for this space to share.

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Interesting you talk about experimentation and humanity in the same paragraph. Probably just an oversight but not a coincidence. Gonna give out a potentially big ol’ spoiler alert here. There are some in the universe who called humanity “The great / Galactic Experiment”. There’s a lot of evidence that points to this and even Gigi has partially touched on this some time ago in her “Orion Conflict” (or something) blog. The premise of this hypothesis states that humans are a mixture of many beings combined into a single race, hence why it have such a dynamic culture(s). Where many other… Read more »
Hey Kajsa 🙂 Wow… I just want to take a moment to honor the honesty in what you shared with us. That takes guts, and I don’t take it lightly. Thank you. I’m really struck by the intensity of what your endured and your simultaneous compassion and love for humanity. Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” I return again and again to this quote as I meet more intuitive, sensitive folks. What your father did was horrific. And you’ve found a way to use your experience to grow spiritually and to help others. What… Read more »
I am learning that bad things happen for good people. In the higher realms of thought, it all makes sense and it is all meant to unlock something golden within you and in humanity. My whole theme of awakening has been rape. When I had an ego death, I felt the energy of Scorpio..its my sun. I realized that we come from realms of consciousness; some of them contain qualities that we must endure and later transmute. Scorpio deals with a lot of rape issues. Just so you know you’re not alone, I was raped my entities. It was very… Read more »
Kajsaff. Strength in mercy. Power in compassion. Love that burns the heavy black curtains that close off the window to let light into our souls. Your reptilian roots are quite strong. As are my mother’s, who was sexually abused as a child and consequently trapped in her 9 year old self in a state of hatred against love. Which she channeled into hella beatings for little loving me. You said ‘sad and mad’ and I know what you mean. I was not abused in the same way at that age and yet I carry some ‘survival reactions’ of those who… Read more »
Kajsa, I send you so much love. First I wanted to comment on the photo you posted for your story. Perhaps it was intentional on your part, but to me it looks like a reptile in the bottom (middle) held down (sort of in a jail) by wood branches. I see that as a positive image. Second, I would like to recommend Dolores Cannon books, Keepers of the Garden, The Custodians and The Convoluted Universe series. There’s a lot of discussion about the reasons for alien-human interactions, both positive & negative. I hope you can find something in there that… Read more »

Thank you very much for sharing your story, it touched me profoundly. I am actually a little bit scared of the Draco and Reptilian races due to their past, attitude, their cold presence and also appearance. But I hope to overcome it…


If not too personal, can you go into detail about this benevolent Draco you met? What did this being look like to you? If any, what personal and or cultural symbology did they use to communicate with you? What gender did your instinct say this being was? What did they say or do? How did they feel? What was their body language like? Why do you think they appeared to you in this meditation?

Blessings and thank you.

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