Dream When I Was 7 Years Old.

Dream When I Was 7 Years Old.

So when I was 7 years old I had a very real intense dream. First off I was raised on a farm in Oklahoma and no one ever talked about space ships or ETs or even spirituality. I didn’t watch to much tv so I don’t know how my 7 year old head dreamed this up. My dream started off with me sitting on my porch at night with my little brother. For some reason we were sitting on a white sheet. I looked down and blood started coming through the sheet. All of a sudden a big black oval looking space ship came down and landed in my yard.Then the spaceship opened and two tall ladies with long black hair and very white skin came out and started walking towards us.They were twirling long sharp silver looking blades like batons.They walked up to me and my brother and said they were there to take my brother with them and that they were from hell. I just remembered that part. They said they didn’t want me because I was a girl. They kinda seemed familiar to me. I put my brother on my back and started flying threw the trees and over ponds. I looked back and the space ship was following us. I got to a pond and flew straight into it. My brother couldn’t swim I said it’s ok this is a dream and we can breath under water. I don’t know how I knew I was dreaming but I did. So we swam to the bottom and stayed there for a bit. As we came up out of the water I woke up. I was in a my bed and thinking what a crazy dream that was. My brother came in telling me he just woke up from a scary dream. He started explaining the dream I just told you. I said I had the same exact dream. We were sitting in my room talking and all of a sudden my window opened up and the two ladies came through my window twirling those bladed batons.They said give us your brother. They started coming towards him and I jumped in front of him and they stopped. I went to fight them off and I really woke up. Has anyone ever heard of beings like this. It was so intense that it’s stuck with me my whole life. Photo Credit-worldofweirdthings.com

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They certainly didn’t show up to try and sell girl scout cookies, and I’m not sure that they would have have left if they saw a No Solicitors sign posted…

But seriously, a cool, creepy story. They would make good villains in a sci-fi movie, those baton blade things are kinda fascinating. Its almost like you/your brother had some kind of DNA type thing they wanted (the blood) just a theory.

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