Dream Work Vol. 2 An Encrypted Transmission

Dream Work Vol. 2 An Encrypted Transmission

For my next few submissions here I am going to relay some encounters I’ve had in the DreamState. Most of these were received over a decade ago while I was still actively a Christian, so you will notice that is the predominant “filter” these experiences came through. However now as I reflect on them I can see that I was receiving information that I would not begin to understand until now that I have moved on spiritually. I must admit to some trepidation about sharing these. They really are my “pearls of great price” and I treasure them deeply. It is my intended hope that by sharing these it will in some way help anyone who reads them. I will transcribe them just as they appear in my journal save the proper names of living people. So here we go!

Dream Log 08/15/2004
I’m at an archeological site. I walk into a large white tent. I see a standing grid of 3 rows of 3 tiles. The tiles were black. The center tile has a warrior stick figure down on it (spear/shield) and the word “California” written across the bottom of it. An angel came over to me and began to tell me about a people who were once enslaved to Babylon. They had overthrown them and destroyed them so that hardly a trace could be found of them. The former slaves had re-written history. Then the angel took a book of a nearby shelf and handed it to me. I opened the book to the gospel of Mark and in the first paragraph the phrase “A people of sabbath rest” jumped out at me.
When I awoke in the morning the phrase “The Light of The Lord to you” rang in my mind over and over for a few hours.
End Log.

12 years later as I was researching spirit guides and my old dreams I stumble upon the cover image above, the California State Seal. On it is Minerva with spear and shield…..

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