DreamWork Vol. 1 First Contact With My Spirit Guide

DreamWork Vol. 1 First Contact With My Spirit Guide

For my next few submissions here I am going to relay some encounters I’ve had in the DreamState. Most of these were received over a decade ago while I was still actively a Christian, so you will notice that is the predominant “filter” these experiences came through. However now as I reflect on them I can see that I was receiving information that I would not begin to understand until now that I have moved on spiritually. I must admit to some trepidation about sharing these. They really are my “pearls of great price” and I treasure them deeply. It is my intended hope that by sharing these it will in some way help anyone who reads them. I will transcribe them just as they appear in my journal save the proper names of living people. So here we go!

Dream Log 6/5/2004

I walk up on M.R. (prophet/evangelist) and another young man standing, praying for each other. I walk up to them to pray with them also and they pull me into an embrace. We see two young people dressed in black and M.R. asks “Shall we go give this away?’ We approach them and they begin to hit us, back up and throw sandals at us. I continue to pursue one off to the right, just wanting to tell him Jesus loves him. I perceive that this is demonic activity and command him to stop in Jesus name. He suddenly stands paralyzed and afraid, staring at me. I pick up one of the sandals- it is brown, brand new- still with the price tag on it. The young man runs away. I go find M.R. who is on the ground to the left. The one he was pursuing was gone and I told him “lets move on, there is nothing more we can do here.” We jog briskly across the front lawn. While we jog we tell the people we pass “Jesus loves you”, but the people mock and scoff at us. We came upon what we were told is an amusement park game. All I see is an open field marked off by trees. (Imagine a football field with no stripes/markings with trees along each side about 10 yards apart) The Queen enters into it and gnomes appear with stun rods. They strike Her- She falls down, they begin to rob Her. We want to go rescue Her but we can’t until the “game” is over. When the gnomes leave we rush onto the field and to The Queen. She is laying on the ground. I fall to my knees at Her head and take Her head into my hands. Her dress is torn and tattered and not much remains. She still has her white under-slip on. She was injured- some thought unto death, but I knew she wasn’t. I feel powerful compassion for Her as I look into Her eyes. She looks up at me and says weakly with a smile “Your hands are the hands of a healer”. I lovingly reply “The hands of The Queen are the hands of a healer as well”. I look up and see someone spreading a linen sheet (purple top/white bottom) over The Queen. I heard someone gasp “Ah Minerva”…
/Scene Change/
I’m in a tall cylinder building and S.G.(prophet/pastor), myself and a few others step into an elevator. As it begins to stop and let us off a stranger says to the effect “Mess up and you’ll go to hell.” S.G. looks at me and says “Well I don’t know if I believe that.” Suddenly a powerful unction to preach came upon me and preach I did. We are going across a walkway in the building and I preached my heart out, contradicting what the stranger said in the elevator.
End Dream Log.

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Dear friend. The Queen is the wisdom of your own heart, battered by the demons of your own psyche. Perhaps accepted from outside. But the game was played with your permission. Even battered by the world she still told you who you are. From this I have learned not to give permission to let my heart be beat up by the world even if I believe that’s the way it has to be. Always watch out for the games you give your permission to play and do not consent despite the ‘rules.’ Thank you for this Pearl. It was hard… Read more »
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