Enter The Mothman

Enter The Mothman

The Astral Sky was dark as I walked through a strange hamlet of modern styled houses in an unfamiliar neighborhood. My dreaming, unconscious self had achieved awareness right then and I exclaimed one of my verbal commands to assist in my out-of-body dimensional travel. “Higher Self Now!” I was struggling to maintain a clear lucid perception of myself and my surroundings and my attempt to fly wasn’t working. I began walking across an empty, grass filled lot with a multitude of quartz crystals sticking out of the ground. I had gone to bed with some small quartz crystals underneath my pillow, and I took this as a sign to pick one up and use it to help boost my energy level. I had also been training my mind to repeat multiple places I would like to go during my astral travel, planets and star systems. I wielded a crystal in my hand, and stated “Procyon” and “Tau Ceti”, two star systems that had recently thrown off negative ET control of their worlds.

I wasn’t feeling an ability to get an energy surge from this, like something was off or my vibration perhaps wasn’t high enough. I then walked through more of this little village and entered one of the random homes. It looked like your average suburban house, and I perused through the rooms rather nonchalantly and without much purpose. But then, and this is a big but…I turned around behind me in the living room…

A massive towering figure loomed intimidatingly over me, easily twice my size or more. A huge, pale, grey humanoid body, but with outstretched wings and beak-like mouth that nonetheless spoke commandingly, authoritatively, with an interrogatory tone and query …


I looked fearfully at this giant being, almost at a loss for words. Here was this huge thing, almost akin to a gargoyle in looks, and I say gargoyle because its the best equivalency I can relate in terms of a visual, looking scary as hell, and it wants to know why I am trying to contact aliens?

I’m usually not this witty (or smarmy perhaps) in waking life, but somehow I threw it right back at him with a smart-ass retort,

“Well, if they look like YOU…uhh…I don’t know that I do!”

He continued to stare at me with his unwavering sentinel gaze and I left the house in a hurry. I kept walking through the little neighborhood of sorts, and then walked into another similar house. This time I felt a beam come down on me, like a light that was a tractor beam. It was starting to pull me up and lift me in the air. I looked above and somehow through the house, I could see a round UFO of some sort as the source of this light beam.

My instincts told me no. Whatever this UFO was, wherever it was from, it and its occupants had not asked for my consent to beam me up yet. I shouted “Light of God, Power of the Creator of the Universe!” I could still feel it trying to pull me up, but the control I had over my astral body began to dissipate, and I felt the experience slipping back to my 3D body. I woke up, and shot out of my bed. I could feel a presence in the bedroom, and I went to go get my cat (in my experience, if your ever getting a weird vibe of something being around you a feline is a good way to help fish out a presence as they will start looking around and acting weird typically) She didn’t seem to notice anything, but the strangeness of my encounter lingered….

As I collected myself I realized what I had seen was a “Mothman” kind of being. Who or what are these Mothmen creatures that have been seen and reported by people many times before, such as the classic Silver Bridge disaster in West Virginia? The one I had seen was in 4D astral, not 3D, but I almost instantly recognized what it was. He seemed frightening at first, but he didn’t try to harm me despite his frightening demeanor. If anything he was a harbinger or warning, as I soon found out with the attempted beaming up of me by unannounced alien visitors, whoever they were.

This only gets stranger, as I would find myself at a local psychic fair a few weeks later. I was approached by an older man, one of the psychics working a booth, who felt he had been compelled to give me a message before I left the event. He simply said, “You were taken recently, weren’t you?” I laughed a little, but stated more seriously “Well, I think there was an attempt, I don’t remember them actually taking me.” I then recounted my encounter with the Mothman…

“Yes, they are there as guardians between the different dimensional portals. When the Montauk experiments happened many of their kind were injured and killed by the opening of dimensions that weren’t supposed to be there and the resulting entities that came through those portals. The one you encountered was perturbed because they don’t like having lots travel between the different worlds. They have to deal with the results of unwelcome visitors. I think you were taken somewhere but you won’t remember it until later on in your life, maybe 20 years from now, you aren’t supposed to know yet…” the man mysteriously stated.

“As I was in a hurry to get to work, I unfortunately didn’t have the time continue talking at length on this fascinating revelation from this stranger, but I did ask for a card so we could discuss more at a later date. The card he handed me was a rather odd synchronicity…a grassy patch with quartz crystals sticking out of the ground that looked just like the astral space I was in during my encounter…

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“DO YOU REALLY WANT TO MEET ALIENS?!?!?!” I literally lol’d

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