Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are our most frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. However, if you have a particular question that is not answered on this page please feel free to contact us anytime.


How do I create an account?
Firstly, welcome to Cosmic Collective! We are very glad to have you here. To create your new account, simply click here to get started. You will be ready to share your experiences and follow other members within minutes.


What personal information is shared publicly on Cosmic Collective?
Due to the personal nature of the stories shared within our community, we take our member’s privacy very seriously. By default, personal information such as your real name and email address are never shown publicly. As a member you can display as little (or as much) information as you wish. A profile photo is not a requirement and account information such as your gender and city/town can even be made private on your profile. We will never share your personal information with ANY third party unless absolutely required by law.


Is my name displayed anywhere within the community?
By default, no, your name is not shown anywhere unless you have chosen your real name as your “Username” when you originally created your account. For privacy reasons, we highly recommend not using your real name within the community. Your username is similar to a “nickname” that is shown publicly near the top of your member profile page and may also be used to login to your account. (Cosmic Contributors are able to change their usernames by contacting our help desk)


How do I change my account username?
Due to the nature of our system, it takes a custom modification to our system’s database in order to change a username. Because of this, only “Cosmic Contributors” are able to change their username by contacting our help desk. (Up to twice/year)


How long will it take to publish my story?
All stories (including modifications and edits) are generally reviewed and published within 3-5 days. However, members who are “Cosmic Contributors” receive priority review, resulting in their stories being published within 1 business day. (Subject to our publishing guidelines)


What is a “Cosmic Contributor” member?
This is a special status given to members who have chosen to upgrade their membership. Being a “Cosmic Contributor” is one of the best ways to support the Cosmic Collective community and our growing operating costs. For just $4.95/month, Cosmic Contributor members receive some very cool account “perks” including, but not limited to: Removal of all banner advertisements, unlimited private messaging, priority story publishing, automatic 10% discount on all store items and much more. Click here to view more info and/or to sign-up. (Must be logged in to view)


How do I know which category(s) to choose for my story?
We currently offer 5 different categories which are described below. If you are certain that your experience overlaps multiple categories, please feel free to select more than one when submitting your story. It is important to keep in mind that your story may not be published if it does not fit the category(s) you selected.

Astral Travel: An experience that you have had while astral projecting, dreaming etc

Encounters: Any encounters a guide, angel, ghost, ET, deceased loved one etc.

Lost Civilizations: Experiences with Atlantis, Lemuria, or other ancient earth civilizations.

Other Lives: Your stories about past, future, or parallel lives.

Other Planets: Memories or experiences that take place on other planets than earth.


How many stories submitted by members are accepted and published?
The majority of all member contributed stories (roughly 80%) are accepted and published. The remaining submissions are not accepted due to do not meeting the publishing guidelines. Before submitting your story, we highly recommend that you review our publishing guidelines to ensure that your submission will be accepted. Click here to view our publishing guidelines.


Can I save my story as a draft?
Yes! You can click the “Save as Draft” button to temporarily save your story. Please keep in mind that our system will automatically expire and delete any drafts that you have saved after 7 days. (Drafts created by Cosmic Contributors will never be deleted unless account/membership is closed/cancelled)


What happens if my story is not accepted?
If your story does not meet our publishing guidelines, it will not be published and we will notify you via email.


How do I view, edit or delete a story?
After logging in, simply click the “Manage Stories” menu tab on your profile. This will take you to the “pencil icon” tab located within your profile account. You will then be able to view, edit and/or delete your story(s) within your dashboard.


Can I edit or delete my comment(s) on a story?
Comment editing is automatically enabled for all members up to 30 minutes after a comment was originally posted. However, only Cosmic Contributors are permitted to delete their own individual comments by contacting our help desk.


How do I add my social network accounts and website URL to my profile page?
To add your social network account(s), simply click the “Edit Profile” menu tab. From there you will be able to enter in your username(s) for your associated social network accounts. You must be a Cosmic Contributor in order to add a personal website URL(s). (Up to 3 different personal website URLs are permitted).


How do I upload my photo and/or a custom cover image for my profile page?
Easy! Simply click the “Edit Profile” link on the top menu after logging in.


What are Cosmic Points?
Cosmic Points are our community’s “virtual currency” that members may use to purchase items within our store. Points are automatically awarded for particular community “actions” such as having a story published, commenting on stories/forum topics etc. Click here to view the complete point schedule and latest exchange rate.


How do I use my cosmic points to purchase an item in the store?
Easy! Once you have accumulated enough points to fully cover a particular store item, simply select the “Pay with Cosmic Points?” option at checkout. It is important to note that once you click the “place order” button, any points needed to fully cover your purchase will be automatically deducted from your balance.


Can I transfer my points to another user as a gift?
You must be a Cosmic Contributor to initiate a points transfer to another member. However, all members can receive points from another member.


Is there a way to view and/or manage all of my forum activity?
If you are a Cosmic Contributor, an additional profile and menu tab will be visible which will enable you to keep track of all of your topics, replies, and favorites/subscribed posts. (Your activity tab will not be visible to other members)


How do I edit and/or delete a forum post/reply that I made?
All members may edit their own topic/reply within 30 minutes after it was originally posted. However, only Cosmic Contributors are permitted to delete their own topics & replies by contacting our help desk. (Limited to 2 deletions/month)


How do I contact you in regards to advertising, general feedback or a feature suggestion?
Advertising partnerships, business development, praise and suggestions are always welcomed. We encourage you to use our contact form to get in touch.


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