First Contact Meditation

First Contact Meditation

I just wanted to share my while it’s still fresh in my memory; I was feeling lost and disconnected but something in me told me to visit this side, which I haven’t done in a while.
Then I saw the first contact meditation and knew that I needed to try it.
Listening I kept my eyes open all the time and felt my body go numb like it usually does when i meditate; until Gigi said you’re in a meadow part, my eyes closed shut and I began to walk and follow her guidance.
Upon being in the mountain and following the mist, I saw who I thought was my guide but I’ve drawn this being a couple of time in the past not thinking much of it. He and other usually came in groups in my mind’s eye and i drew them. He had a blue ball of light in his hand and it was rotating. When Gigi said; ask your questions, feel the presence or just hear what they have to say, I saw him clearly: it was a tall being made of transparent matter with long arms and no distinct features than that he had colors floating inside of him.
I focused and started crying, I mean real-life sobbing. I knew he wasn’t my guide but my soul mate, I transformed into the same kind of being that he was and saw, felt my body. next to him there were two other smaller beings and I believe they were our children. Once I noticed them, I felt so much happiness that I have never experienced before; the three of them were so beautiful and pure. Then it was time to say goodbye; I shook my actual head no! no! and the three of them got sucked into the blue ball and floated towards my hands; I held it up and it floated into my heart, the tears flowing and I felt so much sadness because I didn’t want to be apart from them. But I know now that they are always in my heart. I started to transform back into my human form and kept crying and left the mountain. When I came back to, my shirt wet from the tears and my heart full of love.

The image is my interpretation of these beings that I’ve seen before.
Image: my own

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Very cool image! Thank you for sharing this.


I really need to do that first contact meditation..


Thank you for sharing! Very touching!!


Aww love, they are always in your heart <3 Always present, always there. You can go back and send and received love whenever you like

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