First Contact

First Contact

Today I did my first contact meditation and felt so much love.. I met my guide (one, idk if there are multiple, but I only met one). She came to me and held my face and hugged me and tears ran down my cheeks. I asked so many questions that came so quickly to mind.. “where have you been? how long have we been separated? what do i need to do? what is your name?” She answered a couple of my questions before I had to leave. She was about my height, maybe a little taller, no hair but beautiful regardless and her skin was this teal/midnight blue mixture of colors.. she was humanoid and I couldn’t make out her face unfortunately, but she will stay in contact with me. She wanted me to start out producing more love in my life and change my diet back to where I used to me (vegan) even if it is a slow transition back. Her name was Alon, I think. That is a word that kept coming to me when I thought “what is your name?”. I felt so at peace when we were done talking. I feel changed inside. I am so happy to see other experiences here. <3


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