First Time Zeta Encounter

First Time Zeta Encounter

I grew up on a farm with a rather “traditional” upbringing. I went to church & Sunday School, my grandparents were certainly the God fearing type. Lets just cut this short and say that while my parents didn’t make us go to church every Sunday, My history is deeply saturated in Christianity. There were things that just weren’t a reality in my upbringing. Alien life being high on that list, and I am sure it will be a surprise to any of my family now reading this that I do disclose such stories.

One summer night, after a long day in the fields, I sat watching Tv. I was around 8 at the time, and I was alone in the house. There was a storm brewing outside and we had pulled equipment inside having frantically finished the days work before the rain. My father was in his shop fixing something, as he often was at all hours of the day or night. The storm warning continuously scrolled across the Tv, and I listened as the wind whipped at the trees, still no rain. A large crack of lightning and thunder alerted me and I looked outside to see if the rain we had now been expecting for hours had finally let loose. I muted the Tv and listened to the storm, lightning strikes on our property happened frequently and I always knew to check outside when the cracks were close. The sky flashed and the tress were bending to the earth in the wind. I honestly to this day can say Ive only seen 3 storms get to this degree of wind and ferocity. The Tv warning changed to a tornado warning, a huge upgrade from the severe storm watch that had been playing for the last hour. Another large crack and the house lost power, I sat in quiet dark for what felt like a long time, but in reality the power only flashed off long enough for me to decided it might not come back on. The lightning continuing to illuminate the blowing trees surrounding our property, showing the frightening strength of the winds. I was scared. The power returned before I found a flashlight and with it in my hand I figured I should go check on my father. Really I was just scared…
I headed out to our covered front porch and watched for lightning strikes. The storm looked to be hanging on the horizon far from us so I ran for it. I had barely gotten beyond the cover of the house when a huge gust of wind blew the boughs of a tree into me, staggering a little another crack of lightning illuminated the whole yard as if it was daylight. I shook myself and continued to make my way to the shop, but as I got into the open of the driveway I felt an eerie presence of being watched. I looked at the shop window to see if my father happened to be watching, there was no one there. Now I swear I saw movement to the right of the window, were there was an elderberry tree and some gas pumps, however I ran to the shop anyways, assuming it to be a raccoon or something startled my the immense light. Once there my father was already packing it in for the night. The power still flashing like all the light bulbs had gone bad made it hard for him to work. I told him of the tornado watch and asked if he would walk with me back to the house, since I was worried the raccoon might not be a raccoon but a wolf or coyote, or what my mind really feared was that it was a person. He refused telling me he was almost finished and if I was that afraid I could wait, there was no way any wild animal would be lurking around the buildings in this storm and I was being silly. Bolstered by my embarrassment at being such a fraidy cat I left the shop with a careful look to the bushes for movement. Seeing nothing, I ran faster than I ever have over the sharp gravel in my bare feet. As I made it to the grass, where I could run faster if need, I checked behind me. Another flash of lightning lit up the yard, I heard the rain finally reaching the tops of the trees. There in the shadows I caught glimpse of a small gray body standing just outside the shelter of the elderberry. Most of his form was covered in shadow, but I think we waived as if to say goodbye. Then the rain filled my face, the shop door opened and my father emerged running from the downpour that we knew was just beginning. He looked at me confused when we both entered the house. He asked why I was just standing in the rain. I just shrugged and said I don’t know too embarrassed by his first reaction to say what I had saw. After that I convinced myself I had just gotten myself scared and was making it worse in my own mind.

Today I know now that I was visited by Zetas, I wonder how long I stood in the yard that day. My father seemed to think he would be a while, yet he was almost right behind me. I didn’t venture out in the dark alone for a long time after that, to my parents frustrations. When I did I felt that eerie fear combined with being watched from that very spot. Even in the daylight I didn’t go into those bushes, nor did I turn my back to them. Sometimes I would see what I thought might be something lurking there, but every time I tried to see it better, there was nothing.

I had almost forgotten this story until one day a few years ago. Another storm was brewing and I went out to my own garage to close the door slamming loose in the wind. Again I stood frozen looking into the brush at the edge of my yard, feeling that same eerie feeling. Scared, yet now knowing how I could feel emotions of others, I knew this feeling was not my own, nor was it actually fear. Some several months went by with me sensing this same thing from the dark recesses of my yard. Again I grew afraid to go out alone at night. I asked my husband at the time if he felt it one day, he felt something he said, but it was probably nothing to worry about. I put out solar lights and carried on. Then one day I came across Gigi’s videos. The visits increased, and became more bold. I sat once in the darkness, centered in the open away from as much cover as I could. I sat as long as I could before panic overtook me. To this day I still feel that same panicked little girl in a storm when a Zeta is near, but thanks to Gigi’s video I sat with it. Always aware of my safety. I let myself deal with the feeling and have had some interesting Zeta telepathic conversations.

Image: By Yintan – Own work, CC BY 4.0,

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