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    Has anyone channelled or even tried to channel the Buddha consciousness?


    Not personally, though you might remember me mentioning about a psychic who “claimed” that his old mentor he had from a young age was apparently a reincarnation of Buddha, or rather tried to subtly hint it was without making it too obvious. I would take that with a grain of salt however as he is suspected to have used certain strategies in his practices (the main thing I’ve managed to figure out being that he uses and exploits people’s desperation and dependency by creating a sense of futility and/or inevitability without requiring or needing a psychic reading in order to make people want to have a reading – preferably with him -. However it does this very cleverly and would take too long to explain in-depth how he does this, though in summery, salesman strategy.) I also mentioned he had somewhat of a large ego. while it may be possible, I would not take his word on it by itself.

    Long story short, this is the only encounter I’ve had of someone “potentially” doing so. If this was the case, I’d be really interested to have a talk with this person, or old mentor. He;s said to have passed on now so might be feasible to get some answers from this specific entity. I would be really surprised if the legitimate Buddha chose a manipulative and egocentric psychic as his “apprentice”.


    I would be really surprised if the legitimate Buddha chose a manipulative and egocentric psychic as his “apprentice”.

    Interesting… The reason why I asked is because, according to Buddhist scripture, the Buddha’s consciousness has “passed on” to the unconditioned- the deathless. Meaning, his consciousness no longer exists for anyone to tap into. However, Buddhist enlightenment is also not non-existence. So, I am curious to know what it might be.

    I am also curious to know if anyone has successfully connected with the likes of Jesus too.


    It may have left a remnant of it’s old form – an echo of sorts, perhaps within his old knowledge teachings left behind but perhaps more in a tangible (in some extent) form as a left over entity. Rather than if it having disappeared entirely or within a state that is unobtainable, which would have probably ceased to exist altogether and thus we would not be aware of it now, since this kind of consciousness exists in all space and time etc. Likely residing in a high enough state that few are able to reach, even the most trained and insightful because it’s simply beyond their ability to do so. I.e. their consciousness ladder isn’t tall enough yet.

    Also considering that the state of “non existence” is still a form of existence – nothing is still something – as it is a valid state in itself.Like “neither” and “nether”. Neither being not of any, and nether referring to a void-esque realm which is still itself a realm, a plain or state of existence. The closest I’d speculate would be absolute neutrality devoid but also encompassing light and dark and all, yet nothing. The simultaneous state of what is and isn’t.


    Likely residing in a high enough state that few are able to reach

    I was thinking the same…

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