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    Hello Everyone!
    I’m so happy to have found this space!
    I wanted to discuss an issue in where I feel I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have been friends with two individuals since middle school. So that’s three female friends including me. As we grew up we just naturally parted ways. I moved and they went their own ways. A few years ago I went through a tough time. Like a dark night of the soul of sorts. But really it was a blessing in disguise. During that time my psychic abilities turned on and found out that one of the friends has been doing black magic on both of us. But particularly on me as she was mentally ill and jealous of me. At that time I tried to tell my other friend what the other has been up to since the beginning of our friendship. She did not believe me and thought that the intuitive I consulted was a con. This friend did not believe because she is a strong Christian. Which she was not a con and also I had my own confirmation from my dreams and third-eye visions. At that time my third eye and other psychic abilities turned on and amplified. It was keep bad of traumatic, overwhelming. But I realized that my intuition has always been trying to get me to notice this situation from past dreams and other things like feelings and omens.
    I e eventually moved on. But just recently in the past few years my attention has been brought back to this situation. I just recently reunited with my cristian friend. She knows somewhat that Im has not this metaphysical stuff. Bu5 somehow we are still friends. We just don’t talk about religion or psychics and stuff like that. My dilemma is: the friend or frienemy is still doing black magic to me and her and others. It’s pretty deep and dark. I decided I’m not gonna tell my Christian friend of the other. I figured as long as we keep our vibes high and I do my thing as a meditator and lighworker and her as a Christian and prayer(she is a high vibe person a good person) we will be ok. Even if Christian friend deals with black magic frenemy sometimes and is doing black magic to her and me and others…..,,, What do you guys think. I’m I doing the right thing.


    With these kinds of situations there is a discrepancy that I find rather inconvenient or annoying with the circumstance, or just outright unhelpful to those involved trying to deal with it. The two direct options would be that they either try to deal with it or resolve it, or ignore it and move on.
    If you try to ignore it, it would continue to exist and do more damage to you or another. If you try to deal with it, you’d be acknowledging it’s presence, thereby validating it’s power over you. In these kinds of situations, it’s often hard to try to find the balance between trying to resolve the issue and not giving it a hold over you.

    The primary stipulation of this is It only has as much power over you as you let it. So I can only see a few possible explanations here:

    This friend / enemy / rival could be a projection or a manipulation of your intuition. Either by it, or something attempting to manipulate what you’re getting. To receive intuition is to receive influence as a message. If something has been trying to exploit that influence. It could either be that you’re projecting your hardships onto your “friend” as a way of expression of the source of your hardships. This is as they cannot actually directly influence you or your circumstance unless you have unwittingly been giving that power to her.
    However this is not to say that what you’re seeing is not accurate or that you are primarily to blame. Discrepancy of interpretation is always a big factor, but they are still her actions that she has chosen.
    She is granted less power and cannot effect you when you affirm that you are the only one with power over your circumstances.

    I have a similar problem with a suspected exploitative psychic. He’s not using black magic or anything. At least not on me I don’t think, but is suspected of exploiting the dependency of his clients and fans in order to take advantage of them to have these “special” readings to gain profit. How he does it is very cleverly and not in the typical con artiest psychic sort of way.

    To give an example here’s a small excerpt from his blog:

    “I received an email the other day asking me if what she was hearing about July 12th to August 31st 2018 is true?

    I hate to alarm people, but unfortunately, it is true, but you can be prepared for it. Thank God this only happens every 40 years! So I am going to explain what this is, and how to know if you will be affected.”

    I don’t know how much you are aware about timelines and how choices and beliefs effect them but essentially what he tries to do is by making people “aware” of some kind of negative, or traumatic event or whatever thereby shifting them to that timeline where that event would occur where he would typically offer some kind of “solution” so they start clocking to him for a solution which they have to pay for. I.e. he takes advantage of. It’s the same kind of premise as how watching less news programs has less influence over your intuition and such.

    For example where he say’s “I hate to alarm people but…”

    While there is a discrepancy of openly talking about things such a guarded secrets and making them available. In this instance I suspect exploitation of this by making it seems that he is being “open and honest” but in “reality” as subtle manipulation to draw people to a desired timeline and outcome so people become more worried about it and want to seek answers from him.
    It’s manipulative, sly and devious and I don’t like it.

    The point is whether these solutions “work” or not is irrelevant as if they “see” or “believe” that it will work, then it will because they are externalizing their own power. It works because they were externalizing their own power and he has the reputation of a reputable psychic, so more people will have faith in him and his abilities, not only giving him a power boost but this is also backed by certain events that propelled him into fame and sense of “reliability.”
    I.e. They gave him power by externalizing their own. Their own power was used to create the circumstance when they became “aware” of it and their own power was used to fix it in the form of a third party. There is a discrepancy however that he does seem to posses highly accurate intuitive abilities on his own merit and appears to be a generally positive person however I still believe this is partially fueled by externalized power of his clients fed to him.
    The problem is he can’t be caught by typical means because when people see how successful his readings are (if they are which they are typically) then they perceive that as genuine and helpful.

    This wasn’t mean’t to be a projection of my own frustration of another psychic however this can actually serve as a dual lesson of the use of internal power and externalized projection. Both of the example of the psychic and my own projected frustration of him.

    Anyway back to your friend and your other Christian friend. I would just say to look at the example of Doreen Virtue. She was an openly spiritual intuitive who converted to Christianity. However she still retains her intuitive abilities. In the case of DV however, she also has projected her interpretation of source and such as Jesus himself and exclusively, despite being that he is only one piece of the bigger puzzle.


    I think the most sensible thing to do is BIND her from doing harm to you, your friend and anyone else. You can even bind her from doing harm against herself.

    Take a photograph of her or better still an item of hers or better still something of her (hair for example) and recognise it as a living symbol and link to her. Next, take string or thread or rope – you can intwine it with something of earth like plant materiel – and again recognize it as your intention to bind her energies from having a negative effect. Finally wrap the item with the string and seal your intention to bind her from having negative influence firmly and absolutely.

    You may want to push her energetically from your life altogether – a friend no longer or do this and simultaneously bless her. Recognize her personal pain, the pain she has inflicted on others and bless her while pushing her form your life altogether.

    You may also want to let her see only herself. If she has been using “black magic” she has most likely been using mirrors and identifies her reflection as a vehicle for her intention. Harming other people is about elevating her sense of self because she has clearly felt powerless and wishes to be powerful. Make an intention that when she comes to seek you or anyone else via the “mirror” all she will see is her own reflection. There is nothing beyond her own reflection….unless you ask a sentinel to look out at her…it does no harm for people like her to realise there are things far “blacker” than they. BUT if you are uncontrollably empathetic be cautious with the mirror-work because you don’t want to entangle yourself with her.

    This would be my advice to you.

    Best of luck and all the best!


    I think you are doing the right thing. But that is not to say you may decide to tell her about it again in the future if the timing is right. She may figure it out on her own and tell you about it too.

    You can use silver to catch and redirect those negative energies from your frenemy. Just set the intention to redirect all of it right back to her. she will probably stop after a while of this.


    Thank you Space Puppy! That’s reassuring to hear. Yes I know my friend will eventually figure it out! I will try the silver method.

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