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    Hi!! So i’m new to this website.. I’ve known for awhile now that I’ve had many past lives on other planets and I oringianally came from Arcturus. I’ve had memories and experiences connecting with beings from arcturus and other planets but recently I’ve had a very hard time getting my mind to accept everything. Websites like these really help to validate everything but I just have a hard time believing myself and my truth, has any one else dealt with this and how did you fix it?


    I know this and I’ve been here too, and in the end for me It wasnt so much a game of trying to get my mind to understand exactly what I concieve myself to be, but more highlighting the areas in my life where I wasnt trusting myself, my soul and idenifying that I was actually seeking external validation.

    Are you doing any meditation practice, or delving into things that allign and centre you? If you’re mind is loud, you may struggle to intergrate any further knowledge or memories. In my opionion the best thing you can do for yourself at this point is take a break from cramming in any more spiritual information and just focus on quieting your mind and listening to yourself. Forget trying to explain anything to your mind, forget trying to justify your beliefs for a quick second and just get still with how things feel. It’s no quick process learning how to trust your feelings over the noise of the mind.

    I’ve had to have serious breaks from outside information because it can all get a little much when your mind is ordering you to identify and compartmentalise exactley what it is you think and why ESPECIALLY when your beliefs are likley to now be changing and readjusting all the time.

    Good luck with this and its a totally normal and healthy step, you’ll be fine


    ALSO prayer and speaking out loud, asking for the old paradigms in my mind to fall gently fall away really helped toO, I used to repeat this as a mantra.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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