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    Lately I’ve begun to notice certain patterns emerging from among my ever-increasing set of highly improbable coincidences. To begin with, after thinking about a given person that in the past I’ve had some sort of problem with, they briefly show up in my life again despite (I thought) living rather far away and most likely being gone from my life forever. This has happened with a former employer, a girl I used to date, and even my old drill instructor, to name a few. It’s as though circumstances are being arranged for the purposes of creating conflict. This might suggest malicious forces are manipulating events for their own benefit, depending on the intent behind whoever or whatever is pulling the strings.

    However, there are other odd, rather improbable circumstances that have occurred which suggest different theories. For example, the other night on my way back from work, I had with me a long, straight stick that I had used earlier to carry a couple of bags of clothing to the donation centre around the corner (I wanted to keep it for the sake of using it again for the same purpose). It was night already, and as I approached a dark alley a black cat emerged from its shadows. Not particularly impressed, I carried on. However, as I passed the alley I noticed a man there, smoking, who exited just after I walked by, and went off in the opposite direction. He too was carrying a long stick — in the middle of the city, this is the first person besides myself I’ve seen doing so. Nor is this the first “staff” related coincidence that has occurred: I once was merely thinking about how I’d like to learn more about bo handling and one of the first things I see on Youtube later that night was a “suggested” short movie (completely unsought) in which bo fighting was prominently featured.

    Another encouraging event happened just last night. Whilst preparing a spinach smoothie I had filled the blender jug to its limit, and since I put spirulina powder (good stuff) in last, it meant I was going to lose a lot of it to the jug lid that I would have to scrape off if I was to consume it at all. Thus I decided to use a small plate to cover the jug rather than its normal lid, thinking this would allow the spirulina to blend without sticking. However, as soon as I turned on the blender, the circuit shorted out (which was the very first time this has happened to this circuit, as far as I know). Moving the blender to a different wall plug, I tried again — and made an enormous green mess. The plate failed to properly cover the top of the jug apparently. But why did the circuit short out the first time? Was something…helping me?

    A few years ago I had the insight that the world has to be very calm and quiet for “magic” to work. That occurrences of highly improbable experiences (i.e. magic) seem to be picking up, at least in my life, suggests a trend of increasing peace the world-over. I think most would agree that this is basically a good thing.


    Sometimes when stuff like this happen to me i feel like the universe is making fun of me. Just to remind us to stay awake. Also enjoy your everyday magic , and if it´s something that u should find out through this, you will.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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