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    Hello there ,my given name in this Human experience is Andrea . Lately i stumble on Gigi’s video and some of her information did resonate with part of my timelines that i experienced , so i was glad to encounter some meaningful information in the manipulated A.I. web .
    Since childhood and prior then that, i recall weird happening in my human experience , like for maaaany years,when i was very little , often , i would always be haunted from the same dream : Me , having no body ,closed up in tiny black box , cornered, where a chaotic, scary chanting would be looping all around and through me . Later on, i discover it was some kind of frequency that would de touch my soul from my organic container, soul/spirit would be place in this box where an entity would feed upon or would rejuvenate . (for more information about it see Corrado Malanga works. I was helped by his team for a period, in 2010) i grew up with “a lot sleeping paralysis” except that many times i would wake up paralyzed with an eyelid slightly open and i would see small shadows ( Greys ) around me. My life went on in the rural south Italy where many stories were said about the “house witches ” or something like that . But if you talked about Aliens …….well you would be metaphorically internalized . Meanwhile , i wanted to understand why in my father personal office there were books about ” The devil, spirits , and other stuff “which i do not remember since the The devils one , was taking a great part of my nightmares (ironically ) . Growing up, i realize he was part of ” The Italian Great Orient ” mason-hood , so i started to do the math .Still ,he was not the person we think of . He ends up there since he wanted more clients for it’s business since he was a re know jeweler! and for sure he didn’t know what happened when you get into contracts with mason hood. I was for sure a different kid ,i was told: Never cried that much, always in a different and peaceful frequency. i was the second one. I Remember i was always haunted by astral vision of my dear once ending up very badly ………long stories about …..like i had to be squeezed out of fears. I could see Ghosts in the night , but i did not know they were Ghosts , so in the night , in the darkness , i would see clouds-morphing-shape like faces that would pass in front of me . Many time , prior to fall a sleep , i would feel something touching my feet . I would jump up ….but you know ! If you made to believe that there is nothing else but the seen reality , you’ll end up (****ting your pants ) believing it !!.
    My fist ever bought book was ” Area 51 ” . Today , i know why i peak that book . I think i did not even pick it : It was picked for me 🙂 !. My father also was different and i never knew if he’d connected the dots . Still he was kinda psychic and had a lot of premonitions. he died really young of cancer and when that happen , some issues were told to me . Like when i was a child , i would be brought to the afternoon nap , with my parents and while sleeping , all of sudden , in a trance state like , i would standing up in fear , with eyes completely open , in a corner , pointing out and screaming :” DO YOU SEE THEM ” , THEY ARE JUST THERE”. I never recalled those happening. my parents did covered up everything until age 33 ……something like that.
    The other issue that i was told is that my father , in the mason-hood got into a spiritual -Ouija like session and all of the sudden some entity possessed him . He somewhat fell in trance , start to talked some weird stuff , then he came back . He got really scared . Went away from that scene . he got home , it was late . Went in his bedroom where my mom was sleeping, in the meanwhile ; but when he got there , moving all slowly to not wake anyone up , my mom torso , while she was sleeping, eyes closed ,got up and in a different voice said :” Domenico ( my father) don’t ever do that again” . I never understood if what talked through my mom did refer to :” the Ouija like session or Leaving it ” . Because through the night my father gotta really sick. he suddenly and increasingly swollen up and some kind of plasma or placenta like started to poor out from his skin.He was hospitalized and of course , Doctors freaked out because they did not know what was causing that . From that moment , he gotta really scared and Never did an other session like that although . I believe the mason hood was not happy about it . But that , it is just my perspective.
    We left Italy and we went to Live in Centre America because Italy gotta in the ” Mani pulite” scandals where many Corrupted politics , bribes at high governmental levels from Mafia family , etc ,ect were exposed from a judge that later on was bought into the circle …….you know !! Until that moment , also synchronicity started to kick in very badly . I would start to have astral projection , while “””sleeping””” when for my first time , i realize that dreams are not that different from the Holographic reality we live daily . I went to sleep one summer night . i was sleeping just with my underwear , it was really the hottest night , the garden door was open , i could hear the night sounds just as normal and all of the sudden i realize i wake up in this astral projection where nothing has changed . The same hot weather, the same room and colors , the same sounds. First image was at looking at my feet , realizing that i was in underwear . Nothing was changed except that at my right side there is a grey/mantoid entity in a “crunch position” that had just realized i could see it . He jumped over my torso , way after my bed reaching out from my room door. That thing was going into my parents house , i thought , so i astraly jumped and went after him , reaching its right trapeziums but when i touched it . i woke up in my bed ( the same position , same sounds , the underwear) , nothing had changed except that my hearth unbelievable was fast pacing and i was scared . That entity was not grey , by the way , It was a Light -military -green color with a membrane like texture skin which would allow me to see what it could appear to be veins ?? nerves ?? i don’t know . Still i was sure that entity was the best representation Movies could have not come up with.
    That’s the tiny part of what has been my life in this human experience but the best part came in 2010. I think i do have to stop here now . since i might need much more time to explained How greatfuly and divinely Alien we are . My real name, in my previous life is Ammatekia and this container , this experience is just An avatar . I am an Arcturian soul that heard the call . I have come from future present ,to fix an old present time-line. I wish you well every one !

    p.s. Apology from grammatical errors 🙁

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