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    I have experience with meditation , astral travel, seeing auras, signs and controlling my dreams since im a little child. But a long time i forgot about it.. and started to meditate again when i was 15.
    Forgot about it again and now Im here and would love to exchange by example…methods of meeting guides, interpretate intergalactic signs, and detect toxic people.




    When wanting to know about detecting toxic people and negative beings, is it because you want to avoid them or try to help them change their ways into a more positive outlook? As someone who treats dark beings as more of a curiosity than a threat. I find this to be an interesting proposition. I can’t take them seriously not because I don’t recognize the interpreted “threat” that they pose but more that the circumstances that they present and represent are themselves observations that are interpretable.

    This somewhat extends to all other aspects, not just in spirituality but in everything itself, such as galactic signs since they themselves can represent anything that is not yet bound by respective interpretations and therefore their meanings can change with them as well as new ones being implemented.

    I am one of the few who attempt to break the mold and look beyond the already established or that which is to be established. That actually sounds somewhat cryptic but it derives from what I call “primordial contemplation” – before the establishment of meaning dictated by interpretation,by any mental, or spiritual stimulus.

    Sorry if it’s to articulate. It’s the only way I can properly project a good explanation.


    Hi Sam,
    thanks for your opinion, i really see it like you that it is an personal interpretation of what “toxic” peole are, how to see signs etc.

    But this is why I ask, i want to hear more interpretations of it.
    For example if someone has experience in seeing signs, and how this happens. Its a personal thing, but this is what is so interesting.
    A friend of mine interpretate positive signs in birds and how they fly. The time is goin slowly for her and the she sees a special bird and she knows for her that this bird is connected with relations..

    Same thing with me is that whenever i have a change in life or a positive feedback i see double numbers everywhere.
    (also my mother saw a lot of double numbers when she was pregnant with me)

    And with detecting “toxic” people to avoid them – i mean psycopaths that are really good in acting and mystifying others for their advantage.
    Its defenetly not a common thing. But there are dangerous people and its hard to detect them, they have fun to injury others or just dont get it what they do.
    But until they turn out they are like frank, charismatic ,inteligent ,nice people.
    difficult topic, maybe not good to discuss here in the introduction forum.



    Hi Neverland 44. Regarding “reading” signs, there’s a theory that channeler/author Barbara Marciniak talks about, namely that the Earth is a “living library”. Personally I think this theory has merit, as based on introspective experience I know that I can look at incidents in my life and “get” what they’re about. Even looking back now to things that happened before I was “awake” (or awake-ish, at least), I can see meaning in some events, so it was probably going on all along.

    Concerning “toxic” people, I think there are a variety of states one can be in which makes them come across as being a negative person — but it takes two to tango. YOU are a factor in this equation as well; if you read someone as “toxic”, look inside and ask things like “Why am I turned off by this person? Is there something I don’t understand here, something they present that I’m perhaps not ready to examine or let go of? Is my ego getting in the way of me recognizing how I need to grow in order to not be affected by this person?” You might be surprised at how suddenly your problems with someone disappear like a completed row of Tetris blocks as soon as you comprehend what your issue with them is (the German word “aufheben” more succinctly describes this notion, I think?). Doing this is not necessarily easy, in fact it usually requires a bit of work and determination. But the alternative is demonizing everyone you don’t like –slowly isolating yourself– while simultaneously losing that particular opportunity to expand your awareness of your self and of life.

    Having said that, one can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations that there wasn’t time or apparent reason to think about before they’ve happened; sometimes, the problem isn’t so much the person you’ve encountered, but the fact that you’ve had the encounter at all. In my experience, taking personal responsibility for my own life and doing the things that I think are important, has led me to be amongst people who benefit my growth and to avoid people who I just don’t get along with, as well as away from situations that I simply should not be in. This kind of independent thinking does sort of require a flexible attitude towards many social obligations (not to mention strength of character), however I’ve found that even if people don’t appreciate your choices at the time, so long as you’re doing the right thing as much as possible all comes right eventually. Moreover the wisest of your friends and family will recognize the rightness in your actions and respect you for it.

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