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    Do you record your progress somewhere? If so, how? Do you have any journals online? I am just about to record my work so far and I’m wondering what the best way is…


    This first sentence I’m writing here is to get past the site’s “ERROR: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” alert — I tried to post this, but it mysteriously fails to show up. Hopefully this works!

    It would be difficult for anyone to make a claim as to the “best” way to write anything, since who if anyone has tried all possible methods. What I can tell you is how I write, which is to try and say what’s on my mind as straightforward and honestly as possible. Don’t embellish the truth, because that is self-defeating; reality is stranger than fiction after all.

    So when it comes to dream journals, if you want my advice, just try and say as clearly and accurately as possible what happened, in the sequence that it happened. I have found that after a few attempts at doing so I remember my dreams better next time, and consequently the process became easier.

    Also, looking back at some dreams that I’ve recorded is fairly interesting, since once I have a bit of mental distance from the time that the dream took place a greater depth of meaning than I had at first understood becomes apparent. This is one good reason among many to keep a dream journal.

    I have already published a few dreams on this site, but have loads more that would probably be of some interest to this community. For those who don’t have time to dig through the archives, here’s an excerpt of one that (I’m pretty sure) I talked about on here before, that is probably among the most interesting of mine:

    “I was looking at lines of words printed into a heart-shaped space, but the words, flickering and changing into different words, many times each second, were impossible to read. Then there was a voice (only words and phrases that I am certain were spoken are recorded here) “…Mantid…Nibiru…face-to-face…I will be your time stick” Unfortunately my memory of the exact speech is disjointed, however I do remember there being an image of an “alien” face fading partway into the picture at the moment of the phrase “face-to-face” and then fading out again. There was also a strange ambient sound throughout and two, let’s say “alien horn” blows towards the end (punctuation? a sign off?). My general impression is that this was a communication “from out of time” which consisted of an introduction, a brief explanation of the medium and/or nature of time, followed by a proposal (or promise) of further contact. But was it “just” a dream?” Dated November 5, 2015

    What I didn’t make note of above was how this did not feel like an average dream. If emotions were like colours, then the overall tone of the dream would be a shade of anxiety, having shadows filled with dread. I suspect of course that it was in fact some kind of communication rather than a dream per-se.


    Ha! Victory.


    Do you record your progress somewhere? If so, how? Do you have any journals online? I am just about to record my work so far and I’m wondering what the best way is…

    I like to get a notebook and hand write everything. This is not easily searchable so I put an index page with general topics in front and list the page number.

    I’ve got a friend who likes to type everything into a notepad. This makes it much easier to search older entries.

    It might be good to voice record, but that would be a lot to go back through.

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