Welcome Conspiracy Theories NET NEUTRALITY: The Urgency Of The "Dark Side's Desperate Strategy"

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    This is more of a warning. Mainly directed at those who aren’t aware. If you already know bout this then you know the steaks. This doesn’t just effect the spiritual community, it effects everyone.This has somewhat been buzzing around the internet for some time now. If you’re planning on passing this off for whatever reason, at least check your intuition or whatever intuitive abilities you have.

    The Threat to Net Neutrality
    Essentially it goes like this: on December 14th, The FCC and Some large scale corporations are attempting to pass a bill (in the US) that effectively creates a prerequisite payment premiumship for access of various sites on the internet. In other words, it’s basically stating that you will have to pay to access said various sites on the internet. The implications resulting in you not only having to pay just to access the internet like you already do, but pay to access any website as well separately (similar to how micro transactions work on video games. You pay for the game then you have to pay to just be able to use most of the stuff ingame as well – it’s a scum tactic that corporations use to gain profit) and in effect, implement restrictions of freedom of speech etc. Even though this is first going to effect the US, it will inevitably begin to spread with similar proposals and schemes around the rest of the world, hence why this is so urgent. However the immediate repercussions will still be felt as sites start to be effected,

    All of this by itself is bad enough, however one primary issue in this specific area lies in that the spiritual movement will be effected. Including Youtube and and possibly even this site as well. Since spirituality or the spiritual movement by extension exorcises and attempts to promote this free speech. In other words, those in the spiritual community (and the spiritual beings and energies themselves) that have an agenda of breaking down the cognitive and energetic blockages of free will and all that and overall development of all that, including helping the promotion of Gigi’s sovereignty philosophy since people these days rely on the internet for this kind of information on these kinds of topics. This current activity that’s going on will be to it’s detriment.

    Essentially this is it. Those who act on behalf of negativity or their own agendas (human or otherwise) have began pulling out their trap cards. This by itself might not be anything to do with dark spiritual intervention but is by extension. I’m not trying to scaremonger or anything, I’m just making those who aren’t already aware, aware. There’s already a lot online about it as well as ways to act against it, but yeah. If you feel the need to share it then do so as there is at least some cause for alarm.


    Definitely agree that the Deep State is trying to shut down anything that goes against their agenda, including awakening and spirituality. I do sense that things may be shifting though, even if things seem dark right now – the awakening can’t be stopped by anyone who aligns with the Deep State. The other day I felt really sure that the social media bubble will be popping at some point this year. Not sure what that means exactly, but their power will be diminished, especially when it comes to freedom of speech and transparency. Perhaps we’ll find out how much they have been using our information, and people won’t like it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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