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    Does anyone here know about crystal clearing, or crystal healing?

    A friend told me how to do it. It’s using a quartz crystal to clear your chakras and you can use it to heal also. I’ve only done this maybe 5 times, so I am a n00b.

    It’s interesting because I can see what looks like pollution or something comes out of the chakras. My friend says it is dark energy being absorbed into the crystal.

    This alone is very good and interesting.

    I had recently located a large silver native american style bracelet with the man in the maze engraved into it. The last time I did the crystal clearing, I was wearing the silver.

    I could see the silver shining brightly and sucking up darkness in volume, and then it would glow brighter. I’m not entirely sure what it was doing to the darkness, but it maybe it was cleansing it or something? Then the dark energy would go out of it and I hope it was dissipating.

    TL;DR; What properties or powers does Silver have in regards to the crystal clearing process?

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