I Am Light

I Am Light

I woke up one night and I found myself completely empty lying inside my bed, there’s not really another way to describe this feeling. Then I started to breath and I tried to feel my body as it is lying there. My body began to fill more and more with energy and I felt a tingling sensation moving up my body which became stronger with every breath I took.

At a certain point I was just aware of myself as pure light, no body no thought.
Just pure light.
I don’t know how long i’ve had this experience because time was also gone.

I think 3 or 4 times I also woke up at night and I felt some kind of a magnetic push or pull, not sure which word is better to describe it, from above my head through my whole body. It was only for a very short time. I just remember that I stopped this experience because it was to intense for my system.

Have you ever had this kind of experience?

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I have definitely had an experience where all that I could describe it as, was that I was “pure light”. My experience occurred during one of my first obe’s and it was petty classic case of the feeling of my soul (or pure essence) leaving my body. It was one of those experiences that although I will always remember it, still remains difficult to articulate the overwhelming positive feeling of the experience itself. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, I can see what I call a light body when i meditate.

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