I Connected With Some Form Of Blue Octopus That Didn’t Really Live In The Water

I Connected With Some Form Of Blue Octopus That Didn’t Really Live In The Water

I connected with some form of blue octopus that didn’t really live in the water. He was so flexible, and flowing with life. It had eyes and long nose as a tentacle in the middle. I still remember the very kind and wise expression. Sort of like an elephant. I complained to him about how hard it is to be flowing in life, that I actually need a spine on earth and that’s why I can’t be fully who I am. I also complained to him that I am tired.  I really don’t complain to anyone much but in this situation I just wanted them to know. I wanted to just come out straight and lay my tough life on them. So selfish. I know.

I asked him about my purpose  but the answer was to learn more about octopus, how resourceful they are, how they flow with life. In the meditation I didn’t know where am I going to look for information. But as soon as I got out of the meditation, I knew I had to find a blog post a client of mine did. She talks to animals and one of her monthly animal was octopus. Sure enough there was my answer. Octopuses are known to live alone and they are very territorial but this particular octopus’ purpose was to learn non attachment. Because no matter what happens in life we are always taken care off. I realized that I am also very territorial. I don’t move very often. I stick with jobs for a long long time. I stick with people for a long long time. There is always reason for it though. Maybe that reason becomes my biggest block. 

The next day I felt revived with fresh new energy. Now maybe a week later I also got a message how to get rid of my tiredness. 

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Way Cool! Octopi are such amazing creatures. I’m sure you are connected to these beings in another dimension. Thank you for sharing.

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