I Have Ongoing Physical Contact To A Spirit

I Have Ongoing Physical Contact To A Spirit

I was severely abused when I was a child and a teenager. I was an easy victim for others because I suffered from ADHD and Asperger Syndrome, a form of mental retardation in the areas of social interaction. I deliberately say “suffered”, because I am no longer have Asperger and ADHD. My muscles were completely cramped from the constant fear and abuse that I have gone through and you could see from in my defensive body language and my facial expression that I had massive fear issues.

I had a friend who was very much into psychedelics and the stories that he told me about his psychedelic experiences lead me to become interested in spirituality, near death experiences and psychedelics, especially DMT and Ayahuasca on which I did extensive research on. Since psychotherapy and medicaments did not help me and felt highly motivated to try Ayahuasca because of all the positive stuff that I heard about its healing potential, I decided to fly to South America and drink it under the supervision of a shaman.

I do not want to go into detail on what happened during the trips that I had, they were just very intense and painful and I decided not to do it again, because it was just too difficult. However, the plant spirit stayed with me to this day and does work on my physical body, by massaging and loosening my muscles, which I can physically feel. It is like a benevolent poltergeist in my body.

It is now more than 7 years ago that I drank Ayahuasca in South America and I no longer suffer from Asperger Autism or ADHD and I feel significantly better and I have very little fear. The plant spirit was and still is healing my muscles so that the energy can flow more and more unhindered through my body, which really feels good and it is getting better every day. Although there is so much terror and other stuff going on in the world I feel very calm. I am not enlightened yet, but I am going there.

I definitely know now that ghosts and spirits are real, because I can (physically) feel the presence of at least one of them.

Thanks for reading.

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This is a great topic. I highly recommend DMT the Spirit Molecule (documentary or book) if you haven’t already seen.
There are some amazing healings and showings that plant medicines can bring if done in the right setting with guides, intentions and support.
I’ve personally experienced this and hope that more cultures will open to this kind of medicine in the future.
Thank you for sharing your experience!

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