Interdimensional Jump

Interdimensional Jump

I want to emphasize I am not an oobe traveler on daily basis but it happened to me very often and is associated to kundalini I have gone through 2011. I want to share with you about my experience of 5d shift (that’s how people call it) . I went sleep last night and I had feeling that sth gonna happened… Body was buzzing and I could have sense energetic flow through legs and up. I “woke up” in astral… Dark room, someone or as I felt higher self gradually pulled me up around 2m above the bed. With no fear I let it to do what is necessary,then I was pulled again through the window (my flat is located on second floor) so again I was “hanging” outside waiting for what happened next, then all become extraordinary vivid , sharp as hell 😉 and what took my attention all around looked abandoned building was covered with sort of grass like buildings in chernobyl.

The biggest difference from oobe experience was vividness, wherever I looked all was purely sharp and there wasn’t chance to see “ultimate” sharpness because everything seemed to be the fractal so I could plunged deeper and deeper into the texture. I was again pulled up above building (10 floors) and I flied few kilometers seeing forests so green and beautiful (we haven’t a lot of trees in my town) so i didn’t understand why I see this landscape. Most confusing and extraordinary happened later. I was taken back in front of my window to the room then I woke up paralyzed with (physical) opened eyes seeing dark room but at the same time I looked from outside in my astral body at the main window and additionally in this 5d dimension seeing difference between all levels, I could say that was kind of multi conscious experience so even for happened first time and is really hard to describe. “Minute” later I was fully back in the physical body, I stood up and went to the kitchen with feeling like my body and especially spine “was in fire”.

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way cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

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